I'll code your story 🙃(free)


Recently I’ve found myself with a ton of free time as i’m out of school and work.
I enjoy coding episode stories and I’m quite advanced so i was thinking I could help out or fully code someone’s story!
(I put below any details I would need/how it would work)

Note: this is 100% free

help coding

If you need help coding or only need/want some scenes or mini games etc. (Just bits and pieces) all I need to know is what you’d need help with or the scene you’d like me to do! And once its done i can send it on here or through email

Full story coding

If your interested in me coding your full story please DM me here or on insta @_ samantha._.writes


I have an idea of a story in my mind, but I’m not sure if I can put it on the screen.
Looking forward for help!


No bother, pm me about it

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I’m quite good with coding episode stories and really enjoy doing it (I don’t publish my own stories because I tend to loose motivation for the actually writing a story part)
I’ve found myself with free time recently and would love to code someone’s story or some scenes/templates!

What I'm looking for

I’m open to multiple options for this so I don’t mind if Its more a collaboration where we share an account and discuss the story/idea together (it would be a story that is both of ours) and you write it while I code it, however, I would rather have a story which someone has pre-planned and written some dialogue and has characters/outfits already made where I can be told where to include overlays and choices etc.

What I'm NOT looking for

I’m not looking for someone who has just had an idea that they want someone else to take over and do for them (this includes not having any dialogue, characters or a somewhat developed plot)

What I can provide

If coding a story that uses advanced directing etc. I do not mind helping you look for backgrounds, overlays and art-scenes and will often be able to provide overlays etc. myself as I do art (this could potentially include covers and art-scenes but it honestly depends)
I will also proofread and correct any spelling/grammer mistakes throughout.
I can also provide some background characters and occasionally make outfits if needed.

My coding abilities (advanced)

This is just a list of the advanced coding I can do (I do the basic stuff as well)

  • Advanced overlays/directing of characters (kinda like animated scenes)
  • Mini games
  • Tappable overlays and choices
  • The points system (this includes character relations and remembering choices etc.)
  • Full visual CC
  • Choosing character gender and multiple LI gender as well.
  • Use of zooms, music volume, scene transitions, layers, weather and spot directing
  • Intro and extro pages (can also be animated)
    ~I can’t think of anything else but if anyone else can ask and I’ll tell you if I can do it

All I ask for in return for this is to be mentioned in any posts regarding the story etc. that do state I have coded the story and credit throughout the story. Like I said I’m only doing this because I have free time, enjoy it and think charging for it is silly.

Thank You

(If you have any questions feel free to dm me here or on insta: @ _samantha. _.writes (no space after the first .)


Hey! I saw that you were a coder-- while I don’t really have that much issue coding. It would be nice to have a more advanced one by my side.

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That’s great!
Let me know whenever if you need anything or need help with something and I’ll get it done asap :blush:

Sounds like my prayers have been answered lol.

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Hey! Would you mind helping me?
I am a student and doesn’t have much time to code but what I do have is a very over-imaginative mind lol :joy: and I tend to have a lot of story ideas!! I just got one story started and due to the time thingy, I am not able to get it past episode 1 :sweat_smile: I have all the chars and outfits ready almost! And I am willing to give credit throughout the story! It would mean a lot if you helped me!! :heart: :sparkles:

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Yea i can help :upside_down_face: pm me

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Thank you so very much :smiling_face:

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What about magical and witchy stories & effects?

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Yea I can do that!

I love doing effects like that!

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Hi! I have recently made up a story idea and am looking for someone who can help me in coding since am new to coding now am out of school work and all of that since i graduated so i really need someone to help me with this, it’ll be kind of anyone who’s willing to help me, feel free to DM me on Instagram on @fatimawrites.xx and kindly let me know whos interested. :heart:

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Hey, i just dm’d you

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Hi i need some help coding please could you pm me if you can help thanks so much

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ouuu, can i please get some help with remembering choices and the point system!

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I don’t need any help right now, but just wanted to say this is so nice of you to offer to people! :butterfly:


Hey, sorry for such a late reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: pm me

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Thank you!

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