I'll edit (almost) anything for you 💕

hi :heart:
so i’m doing editing and if u need an edit, yoy’ve come to the right place! :blob_hearts:
i’ve done a few edits so far (see below) and i mostly do custom hair and poses edits, character cards and pfps ( which come under custom poses and edits :two_hearts: )
i also want to do some banners or word overlays {such as “To Be Continued”, “Customization”, “Start” and more} :blob_hearts:
here are some of my examples:

rando 2 rando 1 (1)


Would you be interested in being apart of my art shop?


sure!!! :heart: :blob_hearts:

I love the pose of the girl with the Hawaiian print shirt! Your examples look amazing.

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thank you!! :blob_hearts:

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send me some ofyour examples and ill addyou first thingtomorrow

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okay :blob_hearts:
thank u

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Your examples look amaing! I need a word overlay if you would be interested?

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whats the word?
also design or background pleasee :blob_hearts:

also welcome to the community!! :heart:

Thank you!
the word(s) would be the title of my upcoming story “And the Prince saves the Knight”

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may i have the background please :kissing_closed_eyes::heart:
any particular font? or type of font? (such as cursive)

No particular font, and the background is white

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any changes…?
it’s unnecessary to use these, you can use them if u wanna :blush:
very sorry for the late reply, i was caught up in something :sob: