I'll help you create your characters!

Hi everyone! I’m kind of stuck with my own story, and I’m pretty bored so I wanted to post this!

Basically, I want to help other people with their character creation. Meaning, if you send me a celebrity and say like “I want a character like this with an edgy style!” I’ll do it for you free of charge :laughing:

Here’s some of the work I’ve done:

Claire Holt to LL (for someone's story)


Max Caufield (From the Life Is Strange video game series) to LL

Chloe Price (From Life is Strange video game series) to LL

If you’re interested, please PM me! (And for me helping with the characters, I’d like some credit when the story is published :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, which we can discuss later lol)


That’s sound awesome!, I was thinking create like the life is strange history but here :running_man:‍♂:call_me_hand: