I'll help you with directing. ❤️

Okay I don’t have a template, but I can definitely help you with this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

First, let’s talk about transitions. I recommend using the shade up/shade down transition or the usual fade out/fade in x(=name of color). I personally like to use white or magenta for the colors, but you can use whatever feels dreamy for you.

Basic transition example: @transition fade in magenta 2 (you can choose any color you like)

I also recommend using longer transitions for entering a dream: instead of @transition fade in white 1.5, you could use @transition fade in white 3. :kissing_heart:

This is a video from someone with all the transitions and colors.

Link video transitions


If you’re not familiar with using transitions, I recommend reading this too.

Link transitions guide

HOW TO: Transitions

Next up, to create a dreamy effect you can also use filters. :innocent:

These filters will make the reader clear that it’s a dream.
You can also change the hue, saturation and lightness.

Link using filters (advanced)

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Another thing you could do is add dreamy sounds or music to the scene.
I personally like the sound dream_harp.
(You can choose any music that gives you dreamy vibes, but you could also type dream in the search bar and listen if this is the kind of music you need to create a dream scene)

What’s the name of your story? Maybe I can read it once it’s published or already published.

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