I'll help you with directing. ❤️

Yes of course. It was just a suggestion, whatever looks best to you is the best option! :heart:
I once made a scene of a dream and didn’t add all of these things, only a transition.

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yes it was an amazing suggestion, i will prob end up using it in future episodes. By the way my story is called The Mean Girls and i recently released chapter 8 and 9 (i also got up to 82 reads)

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Great! I’ll check it out when I got time :heart:

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aww thank you!

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Hey! I will contact you on Instagram <3

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Okay :kissing_heart:

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I really liked your youtube video. I may have to revisit you in the future… So… I’m a total rookie, I’ve been reading forums and guides for everything. I can’t seem to figure out how to put sounds into my story. I’m writing sound next to the far left, no @, no (), nothing, just the word by itself. I then type space and i type out the sound i want and the words even turn green. But the error box always shows up for my sound. The error says “unexpected garbage, this line doesn’t follow our formatting”… I have no clue what to do.

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Can you send me a screenshot? The name of your sound/music is supposed to be green so don’t worry.

I always use this
music x(name of music)
volume music 20 8000

… (later in my story when I want the music/ to fade I do this)

volume music 0 4000

music off

TIP: don’t forget to write music before the name of the music.
music music_dreamwalk
volume music 80 2000

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Also, thank you so much for checking out my videos. I’m going to upload a new video about making and remembering choices very soon. :heart:

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you have to put the volume as well


Hi! :smiley: Can anyone tell me what is wrong? I tried few options and it’s still wrong.
I want Victoria and Mark to bump into each other… Those lines with strong letters are wrong according to episode.


@VICTORIA enters from left to screen center in zone 1

VICTORIA (talk_exhausted)
Finally i can go home.

@VICTORIA walks to 1.280 50 0 in zone 3

@MARK enters from right to screen center in zone 3 AND MARK does it while run_super_speed_loop

Thank u!

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Do you mean the bold lines? You should change “Mark does it while” to “Mark is x(animation)”.
I don’t see anything else that’s wrong at first sight, but you could also try the “@follow CHARACTER to” command instead if you want them to walk to another zone and make the camera follow them.

Try these things and if that doesn’t work send me a picture of the error.

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thank you so much for your advise. i copied what u wrote and it didn’t give me an error message. When u preview your story, are you suppose to hear your sounds and music? because i didn’t :woman_facepalming: haha but like i said it doesn’t say an error message.

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you’re suppose to hear your sound and music :skull:

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Hi Hi PastelTales,

Thank you for creating this directing help thread! I have been writing a story for over a year now. Naturally I have taken breaks here and there, but I am getting closer to figuring out how to properly code different actions , create characters and combine various directing tricks while characters are doing their thing.

One thing that I have noticed while coding is that the overlays that I have created pop up on the screen / load up and then go to the places that I have programmed them to be. I want them to already be in place when I transition into a new scene. Meaning when I fade into the scene, I don’t want to see the overlays running to get into position and then the fade in black transition resumes. Would you be able to assist me in solving this issue?

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did you use ‘in 0’

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I was wondering is i could peck your head for help on writing my first story. If you get the chance or if anyone see’s this can you DM on instagram via trixi_episode.x
Thank you

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Where would I put “in 0” ???
This is what I have :writing_hand:t5:

@transition fade out black in 4


volume music 40 0
music int_bar_cocktail

@NASIR changes into Nasir Formal Blue
@MR ALYOSHA KOZLOV changes into The Goat 2
@BODYGUARD changes into Bodyguard_Formal
@add Cookie Platter Silverbrown to WAITER 2
@add Serving Tray With Glasses Silver to WAITER 1
@add Serving Tray With Flutes Silver to WAITER

@RANDOM CUSTOMER 13 spot 0.630 22 236 in zone 2 at layer 1 and RANDOM CUSTOMER 13 faces right and RANDOM CUSTOMER 14 spot 0.547 80 263 in zone 2 at layer 0 and RANDOM CUSTOMER 14 does it while listen_nod_happy_loop and RANDOM CUSTOMER 13 does it while talk_smile_happy_loop
@RANDOM CUSTOMER 11 spot 0.650 269 222 in zone 3 at layer -2 and RANDOM CUSTOMER 11 does it while talk_handsopen_happy_loop and RANDOM CUSTOMER 12 spot 0.744 207 200 in zone 3 at layer -1 and RANDOM CUSTOMER 12 faces right and RANDOM CUSTOMER 12 does it while idle_awkward_scratch_loop
@RANDOM CUSTOMER 10 spot 0.657 46 204 in zone 3 at layer 1 and RANDOM CUSTOMER 10 faces right and RANDOM CUSTOMER 10 does it while talk_holdfist_happy_loop and RANDOM CUSTOMER 9 spot 0.777 109 167 in zone 3 at layer 2 and RANDOM CUSTOMER 9 does it while think_rubchin
@GABRIELLA spot 0.650 134 218 in zone 1 at layer 3 and GABRIELLA faces left and GABRIELLA does it while talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear and DR GEOBANI SELASSIE ADEBAYO spot 0.719 129 204 in zone 1 at layer 4 and DR GEOBANI SELASSIE ADEBAYO does it while holdwaist_give_idle_rear
@MR ALYOSHA KOZLOV spot 0.961 288 63 in zone 2 at layer 5 and BODYGUARD spot 1.065 213 51 in zone 2 at layer 4 and BODYGUARD faces right and NASIR spot 1.001 179 60 in zone 2 at layer 6 and NASIR faces left and NASIR does it while talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear and MR ALYOSHA KOZLOV is talk_handsonhips_neutral_loop and BODYGUARD is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop and WAITER spot 0.698 473 203 in zone 3 at layer 0 and WAITER does it while walk_tray_neutral_loop and WAITER 1 spot 0.919 441 39 in zone 3 at layer 7 and WAITER 1 does it while walk_tray_neutral_loop and WAITER 2 spot 0.619 276 240 in zone 2 at layer 2 and WAITER 2 does it while walk_tray_neutral_loop

@overlay SILVER BALL _LOLLIPOP SCULPTURE shifts to -12 -5 in zone 1
@overlay SILVER BALL _LOLLIPOP SCULPTURE scales to 3.012 3.012

@overlay RESTROOM SIGN create
@overlay RESTROOM SIGN opacity 1
@overlay RESTROOM SIGN to layer 1
@overlay RESTROOM SIGN shifts to 95 453 in zone 3
@overlay RESTROOM SIGN scales to 0.659 0.659

@overlay RESTROOM ARROW create
@overlay RESTROOM ARROW opacity 1
@overlay RESTROOM ARROW to layer 1
@overlay RESTROOM ARROW shifts to 88 412 in zone 3
@overlay RESTROOM ARROW scales to 0.232 0.232

@overlay ART WALL create
@overlay ART WALL opacity 1
@overlay ART WALL to layer -1
@overlay ART WALL shifts to 6 12 in zone 1
@overlay ART WALL scales to 2.022 2.022

@transition fade in black in 4

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I was trying to have the overlays and characters in place doing whatever they were supposed to be doing and fading the scene into black as they are doing what they are doing .

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This is so sweet of you! Thank you for helping us out! :heart: