I'll help you with directing. ❤️

Okay I see the problem:

for thread owner: I’m sorry, this is not my thread so if you don’t want me to help tell me lmao

You should put the transition after you’ve set the scene. With ‘set’ I mean the character spots, clothes, music etc. Everythink that already has to be there when the transition fades in. For the overlays:

@overlay SILVER BALL _LOLLIPOP SCULPTURE shifts to -12 -5 in in 0 zone 1
@overlay SILVER BALL _LOLLIPOP SCULPTURE scales to 3.012 3.012 in 0

these are the places to add ‘in T’! Hope this helps <3


Oh thank you!!! :kissing_heart: :clapping:

The overlays I can now make sure are where they are supposed to be at the beginning. But, I still don’t understand how to use “set”. I am having a blond moment possibly, but I still don’t understand . How am I supposed to set the scene or the characters so that they are already where they are supposed to be and doing whatever actions needed before the scene fades in black?

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You move every code, that already has to be there when entering the scene, above the line ‘@transition fade in black 0.1’.

Okay I’m looking at your code but you don’t use a fade in lmao. Okay in this case, use ‘&’ instead of ‘@’. Note that this does not work with ‘changes into’. Tell me if you understand or if it works <3

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Thank you very much. I have to go back and see if I can follow what you are saying. I use @transition fade in black in 4 at the end of the coding , so that all of the actions etc. are already in place and where they are supposed to be. But, naturally … I don’t think I have been doing it right. :rofl:

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Did it work? ahha

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I have no idea!!! I got frustrated and made a salad!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have to go back and see if I understood your directions. I greatly appreciate everything you have shared thusfar!!! :hearts:

I know for a fact the overlays are working. I just have to get he people, to stay where they are supposed to be as well. But, as soon as I get back to the story, I am absolutely going to let you know everything that I discovered!!!


Hi there! I need a little help with one thing. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to get rid of backround characters when I zoom on the MC. Basically, I don’t want them showing in the zoom but it’s a little troublesome. Doing @remove (character) feels a little too quick and strange when I do it. I’ve tried simply moving the characters while doing an animation. Although moving them works, it still looks a little weird. Is there any other way to remove them? If not then I’ll just stick with this.

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the salad cracked me up lmaooo


Thank u so much!

I have another question. How my story will remember choices from previously chapter?
I gave a dressing game to choose outfit, i know how to do it in the same chapter, but what i have to do to remember this choice in next episode?

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You need to change the volume of your sound/music. I gave an example of how I do that in my other message. Always remember to check if your sound is on under the preview. :heart:

Thank you❤️

Hmm, I’ve never done this before,but I think you could try fading in and out the characters. Here’s a link to a guide on how to fade in/out characters:

I’m sorry I can’t answer this myself, I’m currently busy volunteering a lot.


Oh no it’s okay. I’ve been so busy the past few days and probably for the next week and a half too. I didn’t even get a notification haha. Thank you for taking care of it. The important thing is helping one another❤️

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Sorry I couldn’t help you. I started volunteering this week (and next week too) and I’m so busy because of that. I also didn’t get a notification. I’m glad someone else could help you🥰

Sorry again. :kissing_heart:

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I sent you a message, but feel free to always contact me @epicpasteltales on Instagram.

Hey, did you figure out how to make a GIF with that video I sent you? I hope it worked🥰

Yeah it really did! I got it now <3
Do you want a credit?

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No not necessary haha. I mean you can credit me if you want to, but it wasn’t my video haha​:heart::heart: I wish I could help you with it though.

Thank you for helping that person btw. I was incredibly busy.

Also, what’s the name of your story? I want to check it out as soon as I have some free time.

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Awh you’re the sweetest! I’m gonna die right now with my 3% lmaooo I’ll pm/dm you over some minutes :skull::white_heart:

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I think it works the same way.

I have a link on how to remember past choices right here, but since you already know how it works you probably don’t need it.

I recommend testing if the choices work on the episode app and not the writer’s portal and always remember to reset your story progress.


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