I'll make art for you!

Hello! :blush:
I decided that I am going to do cover art or art!
But with a couple rules…

Btw I’m new soo…

  • Only 3 people get art! First come first serve.

  • I need credit! Credit me on the forums @giselle.on.episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • I only do ink female characters!

  • I need a full description of your character.

  • Please do not take credit for my art.

I hope you enjoy my art! I might do extra art if I feel that I could do more. Please do not pressure me into hurrying up. I have a life and sometimes things might take time.

I hope you understand :innocent:

Here are some examples of my art.


I will only take the first 3 people. I’m not the best at art, so I might give you another drawing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Could you just do a simple character edit for me?

Yeah. Can you tell me the details?

Yep Ill get those asap!

Hey! I need an intro for my story. With the title on the top, and the main character. I know your rules says only INK females, so I have two if you can.

Oh, okay! Tell me your title, character details, and if there is a preferred background you want the characters behind on. :blush:

Character details:
Skin tone: Light
Brow: Medium Soft Arch
Hair: Beach Waves
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye: Upturned Luxe
Eye Color: Blue
Face Shape: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full Round
Lip Color: Blush


  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Plain Swimsuit Top (peach)
  • Black Beach Day Skater Shoes

Background: Basically anything!

Pose: Can just be her smiling (idle_happy pose) so that way its easy!

Thanks so much!!

Perfect thanks! Would you like me to send in pictures of the characters? As for the background, can we do the EXT. GRAVEYARD - DAY?

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Yup! Just sent the pictures and that’ll be great.

I’ll get on it!

Thanks so much!

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Of course! Here you go:

Capture(2) Capture(1)

Also, if you could put them close to each other that’d be perfect!

Alright! If it’s possible can I get specific details, if not I’ll try to guess it. Is there any specific poses.

Of course!

Girl 1 :
Skin Tone : Light
Eyebrow shape : Seductive Arch
Hair Style : Beach Wave Hair
Hair Color : Platinum Blonde
Eye shape : Round Classic
Eye Color : Green
Face Shape : Oval
Nose Shape : Soft Natural
Lip Shape : Classic
Lip Color : Terracotta

Girl 2:
Skin Color : Tan
Eyebrow Shape : Seductive Arch
Hair Style : Straight
Hair Color : Black
Eye Shape : Upturned Bold
Eye Color : Toffee
Face Shape : Soft Heart
Nose Shape : Soft Natural
Lip Shape : Blossom Lips
Lip Color : Scarlet

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For poses, if you can have Girl 2 put her arm around Girl 1 while they smile. If not then just the poses they are in.

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Can we change the background, sorry. Just made something. Can it be plain white? Similar to this color? :

can i request ? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes! That’s actually much easier.

Yea of course :smile:

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I hope this is okay :slight_smile: