I'll make u some art💖 (CLOSED)

I’ve probably made a thousand of these threads and closed all if them😑 but if I’m not feeling up to it, I’ll just bump it and put in the title if it’s closed💕

Here I will only do females
NO CUSTOM POSES (only episode poses)
I don’t do full body

If u ask me for any of these things that I have clearly stated I DONT do, then I will ignore u

I have one example I made for fun quite quickly
On my Instagram u can see examples of OCs I’ve entered and any other art I’ve made that I’ve posted😅

if u check my bio, my ig is in there👀


pls don’t steal👀


Character details;
Pose (remember, episode pose😑);
When around would u like it back;
Insta (if u have it):
Where would u like it up to? (waist up, neck up etc);
Anything else;

If u have any questions, don’t be afraid to PM me or ask me here😇

After I send the piece to u, I expect u to answer back max 2days, then I will delete the post and PM u

Do not remove my watermark, I can move or make it smaller but I won’t remove it and NEITHER WILL U

Pls remember to be kind and if I feel unmotivated by your request, then you undersand💖

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Sorry if u didn’t want to be tagged💕
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Again, u don’t have to use this
This is more like practice for me👀


Could you remove me from your tags please.

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That’s fine💕


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Could you also please remove me from the tags please?

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Totally fine🌚

Hey can you do my avatars art please? Please reply :frowning:

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Sure but I only draw in INK and could u fill out the form?

If u need help filling out the form, I can help​:two_hearts::blush:

Omg u r so sweet :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think I did understand a little so Ig imma just write the details here :open_mouth:

Outfit; Braided Red Bracelet, Yellow boho feather earrings , yellow holiday sequin heels, yellow island dress, diamond heart necklace

Pose (remember, episode pose😑); laugh_giggle
Theme/Vibe; It should be summer vibes (You can do it however you like <3)
When around would u like it back; It’s up to you
Insta (if u have it): imational_epy (I already followed you :smile:)
Where would u like it up to? (waist up, neck up etc);
Anything else; Nothing :smiley:

Skin : Light
Hair : STRAIGHT color : BLACK
Eye brows : Medium Angled
Eyes - Upturned Bold: Color: Brown
Face- Round
Nose : Elven
Lips : Full Around: Color : Cherry red

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I’ll send you my deets later :revolving_hearts:

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bump :blob_hearts:

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Thank you💖
U caught on fast👀


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thaank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank u​:two_hearts::eyes:

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Hey, I’m not feeling like doing your request and it doesn’t feel natural😣
I’m sorry but I can’t do it💕


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Hey I’m super busy and I hate drawing the mouth but I know you’re an artist so I figured it was alright

I'm really sorry to drop out so close to the end but I just can't do it

Again I’m so so :broken_heart: sorry

I’m so busy and unmotivated in the art area AND I hate drawing the mouth💕

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OMG giirl this is really amazing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I love it thank u sm!!!

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