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Hi! I am very interested in adding art to my story! I was wondering how the whole thing works? and if someone is interested/can direct me in the direction of someone that can work with me on it! Also do you pay? I am very interested in it!! thank you <3 I am new to writing stories and already have about 2 or 3 art scenes I am interested in being made, all will include characters!


If you have insta dm me @mia.episode.writes

Hi! If you want to add art scenes to your story, you can either commision an artist (paid) or request art from an art shop or a free artist. Send a private message to them, ask them if they have availability and write a short summary of what you’d like to request. If they accept the request/commision, you should send them references and describe the scene in detail. If you commision art, different artists have different methods of accepting payment. Some ask payment upfront, some ask for half and then the other half after finishing. If they use Paypal, they give you their Paypal, so you can send the money.
I am myself a commision artist, but I have a pretty stylized/cartoonish artstyle, if you are looking for more semi-realistic/realistic art, I recommend @KylieJay, @BB.Baby or @pupplegum (if they have their commisions open!).


Hi there! :heartpulse:
Here’s my Commissions thread with more info. I also recommend checking out my Instagram to see more of my artworks. I also have a discount going on if you’re entering in Episode’s Digital Dating contest :heartbeat:

Examples *UPDATED*

I also draw males. Examples of them are on my IG.

Price Chart

Thank you for recommending me @Qettix :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartpulse:


I do not have an insta but I have a facebook lol. could I email you?

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Yes I am willing to pay!

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Thank you!!

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pmed you :))

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Okay! I just edited my reply to show my commission info- you’re welcome to pm me if you’re interested or would like a price estimate :blush:

Hey! My commissions are open for my full examples list you can check out my insta @mighty_artworks !



Thank you for the tag :heart:

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Hi! I think @Tesbie28 does comissions! (If she’s open.) She has really great art and for a good price range, so you might like it! :heart:


thanks for the tags
however my commissions are still open :blush:

@Kaydrom you can check my commission art thread here and if you are interested then u can pm me for more info Tesbie’s art thread

price are 3$ to 14$😊 depends on what u want.

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Hello! I don’t know if you’ve already found someone but if you’re interested I could work for you ^^
I have cheap prices and a bit more cartoon-ish art style.

If you want you can DM me here on the forums and I can show you some examples and my prices :blush: