Illusion of a stabbing animation

I have a scene where a character is stabbing another character (as sad as it sounds.)

Since there are no ‘stabbing’ animations, does anyone have any ideas of an animation(s) that may be similar to stabbing or have an illusion that the character is stabbing someone else?

Preferably where the hand is going up and down to demonstrate the stabbing.

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LL or INK? :slight_smile:

LL :smile:

I don’t know exactly where the person is being stabbed but maybe the bang door animation would work?

That can work if the character is standing up actually!

Thanks for the suggestion :heart:

However, my character is lying down with the opposing character on top. So it should seem as if they’re hand movement are going up and down :smile:

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I hope the chicken nuggets worth it.


I have the same problem but my story is INK 🤷🏾

Lol let me guess they are all gonna be killed right?

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Wait and find out :grin:

I can’t wait to read your storyyy ahhh

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