I'm a beginner and I really need HELP PLEASE

Hello everyone, I really need help for coding.
I started to write my own story a few days ago and I have a lot of trouble with it.
I mean, I’m a beginner and it really annoys me because nothing happens as I want… :joy:
Well, I REALLY need help. I thank you already for your patience because there are many things I would like to be helped (I have already watched many videos and yet it does not change anything)

-how to film a character from feet to head?
-how to make a sort of transition when characters exit a background ? I mean, a black background which is here for 2-3 seconds
-how to make a character walk to another one fluently ?
-how to make 2 characters kiss ? (with one of them is from the back)
-how to use spots or overlays…
Weeelll I have so much more questions but I think I’ll stop here. I’m totally lost and I’m don’t even know if I was clear (bc my english is very bad sorry)

Also, I really would love to show my story to someone who will can see the problems and maybe help me. Like a partner you know

I really ask a lot I know, sorry. But I’m totally lost :((
Thanks for reading and have a nice day/night!

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  1. It’s all to do with zooming. It’s hard to give you the exact spots because idk what background and where you have the character positioned, but you can use the directing helper in the portal to get the coordinates. The final code would look something like this, for example:
    @zoom on XYZ in 0
    @zoom on XYZ in 3
    The first zoom would be at the feet and the final zoom at the face. Then it would take 3 seconds to go from the feet to the face.

  2. If you’re talking about a black background inbetween scenes, there’s one called INT. BLACK - DAY, but if you mean just a transition, then @transition fade out black in # works just fine to suit most scene transitions.

3 and 4 depend on what style you’re writing in…?

  1. Check this thread out…
    A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

And finally I’d be happy to take a look if you want to pm me your story link :grin:

I would also be happy to look at your story

Thanks for your answer! I should try this.
No problem, I’ll send you so :slight_smile:

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Great! I’ll send you :slight_smile:

Ok then