I'm a coder/writer

Hi there, if you’re looking for a co-writer or a coder, I would love to help. It would be better if were in the same time zone or at least near the same time zone. I live in New Jersey. If you’re interested comment what you need and I’ll give you my insta.

For coding, I know how to do things like remembering choices and I’m learning how to do tappables. Advance zooms and directing is on that list too and I’m getting better at using overlays.

For co-writer, I’m really good at fantasy, romance, and mostly fictional things


Sure i would love some help

What would you need help with?

pm me pls

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I need help.

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with what? I also need help…:rofl:

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Oooo I need help with advice directing if you coulf help that would be great! :smile:


Sure, I’m here to help


The newcomers be struggled as f :sweat_smile:

Yay! Wht do I do??? :joy:

pm me

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