I'm a little confused and need some help

Still working on it

sorry but I kinda think people know how to do basic stuff like.

a character need to be on the scene first.

or that people know what in front and behind mean.

@Wiccan_potato not to be rude. I know its hard to learn. I often have to look stuff up too. and I been doing this for a long time.

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@STELLA stands screen center

@STELLA moves to layer 0

@overlay COUNTER BAKERY moves to layer 1

Maybe try something like this first and see how it looks?

She’s probably not standing at the right place and stuff.

I’m not a coder, so if it’s wrong I’m sorry, I normally don’t do this stuff.

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let me cut it out in

you need the background first add with the overlay

you might need to move the overlay. video here on how too

then add the character. if you dont know how here is a video

then you move them to the right layer.

for charatere its

@NAME moves to layer x

x stands for number it can be any number. change name to the charateres name

then you make the overlay be at the right layer. if you dont do that the characters will always be behind it, change name to the overlays name

@overlay NAME to layer x

last change x to the right number. the higher a higgher number will be infront.

1 is infront of 2. 2 is behind 3

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thank you guys! i got it to work now


I’m glad to hear that :yay:

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