I'm a new one and I would like some...help


I’m Harina and I am a new episode writer.
I have some problems and I would like some help.

First of all I would like if someone could tell me how can I make my characters walk in another zone in a specific spot and the camera follow them.

Also, I have found some codes about characters to be costumazing by readers but when I copy them, I have some messages errors witch are writing that those characteristics do not exist but they aren’t.

I hope someone could help me.


For the second, which style are you doing this in?? I have some templates tested by myself for Limelight but none for Ink.

Thank u

I have limelight

Okay, I’ll get the link for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you☺

Here ya go, copy and paste this with credit to the owner, remember to add the characters name in the box!
Please be aware that some new features which recently have been added will not be there

Thank u :slight_smile:
Ευχαριστώ πολύ :slight_smile:

The follow command will not work with spot directing. For this you would need to use a diffrent command:

&pan to zone #
@CHARACTER walks to spot x y in zone # in s

The follow command only works if you use basic spots, like this:

@follow CHARACTER to screen left/center/right in zone #

:slight_smile: Hope it helps :wink:

Yes. It helps a lot.
Thanks again :grinning:

No problem :slight_smile:

And here are limelight customization templates by @Dara.Amarie. They are updated with the new content. Because I’m not sure if the templates on Episode.Life are up to date :thinking: . You can check them out if you want :wink: :

OK. In a few days I’ll make an Instagram account and be sure that I’m gonna do that. Thanks :grinning:

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Thank u😊

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