I'm addicted to ice cream I need help


It all started when I was 6 years old, yes, yes I remember that long. I was just minding my business when some dog attacked me but he wasn’t trying to attack me, he was just trying to run away from it’s owner because the dog snatched the owners ice cream from its hand. The dog ran so fast he didn’t see me and the ice cream fell in my mouth. The ice cream was too good! That’s where it all started :innocent: SIKE I WAS ALREADY ADDICTED SINCE I CAME OUT OF THE WHOM LOL.


OH MY GOSH, I UNDERSTAND YOU SO WELL, my addiction is since always ahsgsgsgs, ice cream is tha best thing in the world


I’m confused…


Who are you talking to?


Ah oki, I was wondering why I didn’t see it.


What did she say?



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