Im almost done with episode just need this problem solved

im so frustated!
someone please help, i think im over thinking it a little too much

It’s bodyColor not “skin tone”

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color Name


Your character’s name needs to be in all caps

still dont work


The “C” needs to be capitalized

@KYLIE changes bodyColor into Dune

what about for face shapes

@CHAR changes face into Face_Shape

I can see you’re using my customization template so all of those commands should already work unless you changed them?

delete the whole template and re-paste it if u have a lot of errors. Were you trying to take things out so it would become a limited template?

yes, your template is very helpful and i did change a few thing not knowing how much it would have an effect

You’re gonna have to copy and re-paste the template in again. You shouldn’t change any of the commands.

ok thanks

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