Im back 🥳 And ready so start working again!

Hey guys, Im back :partying_face::partying_face::two_hearts::two_hearts:
So those who read my previous topic, know that i had some health problems recently, and thats why I took some time of.
But now I’m back and I’m happy to inform that I’m feeling better. By the way, thank to you all that sent me really encouraging messages on my last topic, i really appreciate them​:heart::heart:
I am ready to start working again.

So if anyone has a request to make, Im all open :blush:
You just have to fill in this form



Make sure to write this when you make a request.
-how many characters
-outfits for the characters
-the pose you want
-the background you want
-title, font (if its a cover)
-if you have a deadline

Also, my art is Drawn. And I can’t do Backgrounds

Here are some of my examples

Open me


Hey! Your art looks amazing.
I would like to request :raising_hand_woman:t4:

P.S: May I ask if you can make your art look like a picture? (Like, make it look like a picture in frame)

Hey. Thank you :blob_hearts: Sure I can do that :blush: do you have like a pricture of tge frame or do you want me to draw it?

Great! And I want you to draw it On a side note: is that possible for you to make it an overlay?

So happy ur feeling better! Lovely to see u back <33

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Im not sure if understood that…you want me to draw an overlay?

Thnak you :two_hearts:. Im happy to be back :blush:

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Oh, no. :sweat_smile: Basically, it should be a background. I asked you this, because I am debating whether or not to have it as an overlay as well… just in case.

Aaa, i thnk i get it now. Ok, and do you have any characters you want me to draw or only the photo frame?

Yes. That (while making it look like a picture)

Ok, i will do that. Can you send me the charcters and the pose you want?

I am on it

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I’d like to say, the art should be a picture of my story’s deuteragonist on teenage days, so when drawing her, please try to make her look like a teenager.

One character.

Character's looks

I’ll just put here the character’s image, so you’ll know her features:

  • Simple long-sleeved white shirt
Chain pants


  • Silver Star of David necklace
  • Earrings, when one ear looks like this:


NOTE: The character’s is RED haired, and has a silky hair.

The sooner, the better. That’s all I can say.

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Ok. I will start working. I thibk i will have it done Monday or Tuesday. Is that ok?

Sorry it took me long time

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Fine by me

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No problem

Thank you. And please take it easy, will ya?

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You welcome :blob_hearts: i will

Hey i finished your drawing

I hope you like it. Let me know if you want me to change anything :blob_hearts:

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