Im back 🥳 And ready so start working again!

First of all, it looks great! And it was done quickly :grin:
Second, only change 3 things please:

  • Her hair color shade
I want her hair color shade to look more like this


P.S: if possible, I’d like her hair to be styled up front like on the picture below, but WITHOUT changing her hair length.

  • her eye color should be bright blue-green.

  • you forgot to add her silver Star of David necklace

Thank you again, and sorry

Hey. Its totally ok. I can definitely change the colour shade of her hair.
The hairstyle may be a problem.
You want me to draw the hair on her face like? Or, do you want me to draw it sideways?


Don’t forget the other things as well.

Sorry. Couldn’t reply earlier, because i had scool.
I wont forget the other things.
With the hairstyle is a problem.
So our hair moves, its not straight. So naturally when you bend your head our move you head in a position your hair is going to move to. Its not going to stay straight like the head.


Like here. The hair goes down not sideways. Its because of the gravitation.

I can draw the hair for you sideways but its not going to look realistic

I know. The only reason that I sent you the image above is because I wanted you to draw the front hair like the one above.

Of course I know the hair should go down.

I accidentially replied “that” when you asked about if to draw the hair sideway :smile:. It was meant for someone else (I was busy with something else while replying to you)… sorry for the confusion…

Ok. No problem. So do you still want me to draw the hair like in the phroto you sent?

Only add some hair on her face.

like this (marked in black)

I’ll put the original image here for you, just in case.

Ok. Ill start working :blush:

Hi. Just asking - how far have you progressed with my request?
No rushing!