I'm Back, BABY!

Hey guys so I’m now back in school! I have FINALLY gotten to log back on here since I sadly don’t have a laptop of my own and I couldn’t take this over the summer I had to sign off but I am so happy to be done waiting and back in business. If you are wondering I am in Seventh grade now and I had a great first day of school! Who started theirs already? How was the first day of school? Tell me about it! When I first came on and I see 1,567 notifications it made me so happy! I didn’t think I had that much people who knew me and I had 34 messages and I want to thank you guys so much for looking to me for your covers and trusting me to do them. I love you all so much!


Welcome back (although I don’t know you because I’m rather new here) :slight_smile:



Welcome back :slight_smile:

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Welcome back girl

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