I'm Back! - Updates!

Hey guys!! A while ago I took a break, then when I came back I was busy. I haven’t been on the forums in a long time. I missed everyone, and I’m glad to be back!! I had some issues because I switched from android to apple so it’s hard to work because I don’t have access to my old phone. I’ve made a new episode account, which means I should be able to make character cards again! I’m not completely sure though. I’m also working on a story which is almost finished it just needs some editing, which should be easier now! I’ll update you guys through this post later to see if it’s working!

Update: It works!! It’s a little difficult cause my laptop likes to switch accounts, and I can’t see my old story but I can make edits from my phone now, which makes life so much easier!!


Welcome back! :heart:

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Welcome Back!!

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thank you!! <3

thank you!!! <3

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