I'm bored and I feel like drawing, send your details

So… I’m bored and this weekend I feel like drawing some LL characters. If u want send me your details and your IG username (so I can tag you on IG). I will NOT do everyone, but I’ll try doing as many as I can.

Other examples in my IG @starscriptor_epi and check my stories to see drawings I did for others!
If u sent me your IG and I decided to draw your character I will tag your in my stories.


Hi could you make me one?

Could you draw this character of mine?

U have to send all the details (eyes, lips etc) and then I’ll see what I can do for u

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Skin Tone - Neutral 03

Brow - Arched Natural

Brow Color - Dark Brown

Eye Shape - Monolid Slender

Eye Color - Green

Face Shape - Diamond

Nose - Round Button

Lip Shape - Full Heart

Lip Color - Fair Rose Matte

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Clothes - Slit Keyhole Dress Silk Glossy Black

Earring - Hoop Earring Large Metal Gold

Necklace - Chained Patterned Gold Choker Hoop Metal Gold

Bracelet - Leaf Motif Beaded Bracelet Medal Gold

Shoe - Ankle Tied Strappy Heals Leather Black

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I gave you the info for the clothes and body details.

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Thank u

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Bump :sparkles:

Hey I need to know the hair color, so I can start working

IG : @roy_episode

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I love your work and the bold highlights😍
My insta’s @sofa_episode

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I love your art :heart_eyes:
Here are my details :blush:

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Heyy would you be able to do mine? They’re amazing!? here’s the details


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I love the pose in the character card😂

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I’ll see what I can do :blush::sparkles:

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Thanks, I’ll tag u in my stories if I have time to draw your character! :cherry_blossom:

Sure, I will draw your character if I can! :+1::sparkles:

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Thank you :blush: And if you need an open hairstyle you can use medium shoulder curly bun hair. Your example are really good with open hairstyle styles.

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