I'm bored. Any one want art?

So basically. This is like a model form execpt it’s not cuz Its not just edits its like covers and shit too. As always I haven’t finished a edit in forever so I’ll just put some unfinished examples here…

I can do ink and limelight credit isn’t mandatory but is nice. I’m just really bored and wanna practice I can make covers or edits or basically anything so yah. Feel free to request because again super bored.

Oh also some slight rules.

Don’t be a bitch about this k. If you come off as rude I’m gonna decline and flag your request.
And Also don’t request from me the same as you did from someone else.


I would like a edit. I would like my character to have his arms crossed and look disappointed.



What are his character details?

Ah, I thought you could do it from reference.

Skin: Rose 03
Brow: Round Thick - Dirty Blonde
Hair: Slicked Back Solid - Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Monolid Slender - Blue Green
Face: Chiseled Angular
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Lips: Full Heart Natural - Rose Light Nude Matte

I really want one of these but my story is limelight and I was wondering if you could make me something like this, I can tell you the characters skin tones because they do not look like that.
the characters are blurry but no need to worry about that because my characters look entirely different! I just need their animations to look like that and stuff. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yah it’s always helpful when you include a pose so thank you! So how many characters on the cover what is the story title and the character details of each character and maybe a picture of them top if possible.

hey girl, could i have a pose like this?? if its too hard then you can choose another pose of your choicee :relieved: any bg is good!


skin- caramel
eyebrows- thick flat/mature round
hair- custom (anything up to under the chest)
hair color- charcoal
eyes- upturned feline
eye color- silver
face- oval
nose- upturned
mouth- full round
mouth color- taupe

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sure! Okay so the story name is 10 things i hate about you and please include the arrow as it will be pointing to falcon. There will be 8 characters on the cover. and the character details… is it fine if i just put a picture of what they look like?

No it’s fine!

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okii <3 take all the time you need bby

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am i asking too much? I’m sorry if i am :woman_facepalming:

Hey, can you do 2 characters in your edits?

I can do multiple


Can you make me one were the guy is an angle kind of see-through and he’s leaning down kiss her on head and she’s crying on the floor?

hi omg can i request something? i’ll send deets if i can please :honeybee:

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Yes you can!

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oml okay here love

lip color is terracotta and hair style is beach wave but can you only do it to my chest pleasee?

pose can something be like this-
or if that’s too complex can you do talk_apathetic w hands on hips and smirk?

outfit can just be highwaisted black jeans w any pastel colored crop top and some black converse looking sneakers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Okay cool

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thank you !