I'm bored so does anyone wanna be friends. No I'm not creepy. Yes I am akward but we can roll with it


Hey I’m bored and got major writers block so does anyone wanna chat. No I’m not a creepy man. Yes that is the truth :joy: Also I am akward so bare with. Love you guys :joy::heart:


Add me on Instagram im bored and awkward as well


I will, thanks :joy:


Add me on insta @mafi.editz :blush:


I will, although I am going to make an episode acc so bare with :grimacing::heart:


I’m awkward too, this is my insta if you wanna chat: @gg_writer :upside_down_face: :two_hearts:


My insta is @feck.bx if you want to talk.


Let’s be friends🤪 My insta is epi.boredbb


If this is still on
Add me on insta!


My insta is darkangel_episode


Hi! Again , not creepy or anything, but I love talking to random people:joy: My insta is @hebbyelizabeth if you wanna chat:smile:


Heck yeah

My insta’s @epi.soph - we have a group chat on there for Episode folks, so let me know if you would like to join!


Could you add me? I don’t have an instagram account for episode but my account name is @hebbylizabeth


@HebbyEliza It’s not letting me add you; I think you need to accept the dm request? My user is epi.soph, and the group chat is called “Episode shitposting”


I just followed you on insta:purple_heart:


Sure, what do you need help with?


omg what yes i wanna b friends


lmao :joy:


I love your username btw


Hahahahah lol samee