Im bored so does anyone want me to draw a free profile picture

Hey y’all so im bored at home and I’ve only started digital art so I was wondering if anyone would like a free drawn profile picture.
I can’t do custom poses, I can only do the poses on episode.

My examples

Soo ye here are my examples so hmu if you want one.
(Ik they’re bad but I only just started 2 weeks ago)


LOL! Their eyes are staring into my soul! :flushed:

hahahah im still working on the eyes

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I have a terribly explained tutorial on eyes :joy: If you want to check it out I’ll send the link :sparkling_heart:

oki! Tysm!

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No prob :sparkling_heart: I didn’t get to do a tutorial on outline eyes yet but I’ll make one soon :sparkles:

Oki. But you’re literally my life saver! I’ve always wanted to be better and nothing on youtube helped me but yours did!

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I’m glad I could help :joy::sparkling_heart: