Im bored so if you want to be friends.....Heres about me

-Im young…but im 13 years old.-
-My name is Allison but yall can call me Alli-
-Im From Indiana USA born and raised-
-Im in 7th grade-
-Im not that smart-
-My last name starts with a M-
-i have 2 weird brothers and I’m the middle child-
-Im almost a purple belt in karate(I’m green rn)-
If you wanna ask any questions just ask and ill answer.



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Hi is it ok if I pm u and talk to you
I’d love to be friends

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I’m 13 too :blush:
Maybe I’ll pm u sometime

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I’m just gonna copy your format because I’m that unorginal. :joy: :sleepy:

  • I’m pretty old on the forum, but actually young. I’m 17 years old.
  • My pseudo is Lynne.
  • I’m from USA in a certain state (not comfortable saying) but I’ve lived there my entire life.
  • I’m a senior.
  • Sometimes I feel smart? But I have sassy friends that make me feel stupid because what are friends for?
  • I’m the second oldest of four kids. My parents say I have a first child personality, but honestly I really disagree with them. I feel like a middle child since honestly, most of what I say and do goes unnoticed. I’m typically a mediator too in arguments. I’m not complaining though. I like it that way.
  • I write music and really like singing.

I now know your years older than me but wanna be friends?

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Of course!

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Why were you flagged lol?

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:sparkles:let’s play a game

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Thats my brother he probaly said something inapropiet

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