I'm bored so I'm making splashes

I’m bored and I reallyyyy don’t feel like writing so I’m making splashes (and If you want, covers too.) I’m not the best though.
Tell me…

  1. Do you want a cover or splash
  2. The name of the story
  3. The name of the author
  4. How many characters.
  5. Character Details
  6. Outfits (names and all)
  7. Poses.
  8. Background (optional)
  9. The style you want (ink or limelight)
    You can also reply with backgrounds and/or overlays you want added
    Here’s what they look like:

Let me know if you want one!

i do

i can please have one please

yep. just reply with a complete and detailed description of what you want!

can you make drawing of this this person.

sorry my fist language is not english.english is my 7 launguage i just started lrean

I want vesion of this girl in limelight.and i want her to look annoyed of this guy and this guy

so you want a drawing of the first guy and a cover with the girl and the second guy? and it’s fine


im new to this launguage

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not yet! its taking longer than expected

thank you.

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What’s the name of the story? or what do you want the splash to say?

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white lies

R u going to reply


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how are you sofia and lauren


and done