I'm bored, what's your favorite show?


Hey, yes, I’m very bored and I can’t go to sleep. (It’s late where I am.)
So, what’s your favorite show? My personal fav is Voltron: Legendary Defender. I’d love to hear what all yours about, so tell me!

What's your favorite TV show(s)/ movie (s) and why?

Hi, so sometimes I like to watch shows from different years. But my favorite show is Charmed it’s about 3 sister witches. But my current favorite show is Once Upon A Time!


I’ve seen both of those shows! Ouat is really good! I finished all the episodes on Netflix. I think I’ve seen one episode of Charmed.


Yes, Once Upon A Time is really great! I just haven’t seen the recent new episodes. I am kind of not feeling it. I feel they are just recycling the story again with how they started the show with season 1. And yeah Charmed is really great!


Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Orange Is The New Black, American Horror Story (DUDE I CAN’T WAIT FOR APOCALYPSE) Gravity Falls and Adventure Time


I watch The 100
The Flash
DC Legends
Jane The Virgin
Stranger Things


My favorite show is Spongebob Squarepants. The show never fails to amuse me. :hugs:


Here are a few shows that I enjoy(ed).
The office
The vampire diaries
The 100
Gossip girl
Grace and Frankie
The Santa Clarita diet


Modern Family
Chicago PD


How to get away with murder other than that I don’t watch much television :grimacing:


Superstore and the office are so funny :joy: they are definitely my favorite!


The Big Bang theory

Young sheldon(based on bbt )
Brooklyn nine nine
How I met your mother
Basically all the shows on e4


Grey’s Anatomy
Big Mouth
Brooklyn Nine Nine


Peaky Blinders, American Horror Story, Reign, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Kim’s Convenience!!!


Impractical Jokers
Bobs Burgers
Peaky Blinders
Walking Dead
Only Fools & Horses
The Office (UK)
Stranger Things
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones!!

I could go on :smile:


I love breaking bad!


Its awesome!! :eyes:


Breaking bad
On my block
The crown
The flash
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
The iron fist
I feel like there’s so much more I’m forgetting but I’ll fangirl when I see someone placing it.


Ikr! The whole plot!


Oooo forgot to put that!! I love Dexter! I’ve just re watched that as well :joy: