I'm bored, what's your favorite show?

But their relationship was still funny though. Like all in all I love it!

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Lol I thought so too since like the other 4 had relationships with each other lol.

Yeah. I love Friends too.

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SVU & Criminal Minds

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Also, I love NCIS :green_heart:
Such an amazing show, I would recommend checking it out ^^

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Going back to my days :grin:
As told by Ginger
Hey Arnold
King of the hill
The angry beavers

The Simpsons :smile:
Friends(still love that show)
Drop the mic :microphone:

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Johnny Bravo was very funny :rofl:

I’d recommend it :yellow_heart:


I absolutely loved that!! Not many of my friends even remember it!! Finally found someone :laughing::laughing:

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I love that show :joy:

I’m a little teapot!

Dare by @Cheyara_Skadi.:sweat_smile:

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Cool : )

I loved that crossover episode between Scooby Doo & Johnny Bravo lol…and oh man so many bad things happen to him :rofl:

Also, another show that I love is Danny Phantom :ghost::grin::sparkles::jack_o_lantern::sparkling_heart:

Yesss I love that show

My favourite show is Game Of Thrones! :heart_eyes:

Did anybody watch Fries With That? and omg I remember Lazy Town :laughing:

if y’all don’t like The 100 get out of here, what are you even doing???