I'm close to quitting, is anyone else struggling to write?

Im pretty good at ideas
I think one of my problems is that i have too many ideas and i cant put them all in use so i can help u with that if u want me to ofcourse.

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I commented on it yesterday but thank you! :wink:

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Thank you! I’m here for you to. :smiley:

I can relate to this 100%. Sometimes I just feel like my writing and I are just not good enough, no matter how hard I work on it. I also lose followers every day for taking long to update, and that makes me feel even worse.

When I first learned to write on Episode, it was really hard and I wanted to quit. But I watched tutorials and read forums for help.

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Hi Hila,

Sorry to hear that you’re also struggling, it’s just the worse feeling. :weary: I can see what you mean about losing the followers, I’m in that position to but don’t forget that eventually you will gain those followers back.

Good luck with your story. :relaxed:

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Thank you :two_hearts:

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I suggest planning it in ur notebooks first and let your imagination run wild. Say a story out loud and write down what comes to mind, listen to music. and it’s fine if u like ur story ideas, but don’t love them. I feel that way as well. The major ideas i love i will publish off Episode and the major ideas i like i will publish on Episode (perhaps u can do the same :wink: ) Just have fun and watch/read a lot of directing videos/help pages. U can do it! :partying_face:


hey maria! im a new author in episode too. i’ve written several drafts and manage to only publish one. all im trying to say is, i know its hard sometimes to write or to code. speaking from experience, i’ve been in this comunity for 2 years and i learned alot, my suggestion is you should take a break instead of pushing yourself to the limit, sometimes its better that way and I completely relate to your struggles:)
Remember, practice makes perfect! Cheer up dear maria, I believe in you!

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Hi. I’ve been writing on Episode for over1 year and 7 months But I can relate. Sometimes I just feel like quitting because I’m starting to feel forced to write and I’m just really uninspired and not happy with My stories atm.

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Hi Jem :blush:

Thank you for your support and advice, your idea is great. I like the idea of writing the ideas down in a notepad when I have them. Sometimes I’m actually forcing myself to think of ideas, so I think this way would be better. :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you for your lovely message and support! :blush: I’m glad that you can also relate to feeling this way, it’s nice to know that this is quite normal. :sparkling_heart:

Hi Unicorn! :blush:

Your message is so relatable, I’m sorry that you are feeling this way. Take a break, come back when you have the inspiration and feel like writing. Nothing is worse than when it starts to feel like a chore.

Good luck :sparkling_heart:

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Yeh I want to take a break But I feel bad for taking a break and leaving people to Wait for a long time

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I feel like if they were true supporters of yours they will understand. :blush:

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Hi Maria!

I can actually relate. When I first began to write on here, I just started without much planning being done. I just dove into it, which was good because the trial & error process helped me, getting the general understanding of the donacode. But my story sucked. (And when I say sucked, I really do mean it!).

I then locked the story and realized that I had to plan my stories first. It’s not everyone‘s creative paradigm to outline and/or plan. But for me it was a great success. And never be worried or feel bad if you have to go back time and time again to make adjustments to your outline, later on. It’s normal and natural and makes your story even better!

I still adjust minor things as I go, even after I’ve started publishing. There will be things that just come while writing actual dialogue and make me think, “Wait, if this or that happened later that would make much more sense … I’ll change that“. Can even happen for the final episodes.

Long story short: Just find your own pace and strategy! You’ll feel more secure in your own storytelling, as soon as you‘ve found a way to plan your story and be more certain about where it’s headed.

I hope this works for you too!

Good luck! :heart:


Hi Arrows!

Oh wow, I think I was on Instagram the other day and saw how you were thanking your readers for one million reads! I’ve never read your story but congratulations! :sparkling_heart:

That’s what I kind of done, I haven’t planned anything but I’m glad that it helped you because you went through that trial and error phase. Sometimes that really does help. Thank you so much, I think I’m going to think about the story again and plan it, because I know the outline of the story but not where it’s going.

Thank you for being so kind enough to share some of your advice with me. Once again congratulations on your success with your current stories and any other ones that you decide to write in the future! :heart:


Thank you :see_no_evil: As I said, it’s a learning process. At least for me it was!

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As far as coding goes, it’s just a process of learning what the system can and can’t do. It comes with practice, but improvement will come. And there are a lot of guides and resources that can help you get there. :slightly_smiling_face:

For your story, it’s just about understanding what’s right for you and that isn’t always clear. Sometimes you can get burned out on something you actually want to do.

If you feel a break is best, you can do that and always come back to your work a little later. No shame in taking breaks and looking after yourself. Or maybe this is a case of constant self-editing? You could try free writing exercises, brainstorming, anything that will allow you to play with the ideas instead of getting stuck on whether they’re good enough.


Hi writingspirit. :relaxed:

I love how you wrote this while I’m brainstorming in my notebook. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Understanding what’s right for the story has to be the hardest part.

Thank you for time to respond and help me. :sparkling_heart:

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