Im completely new to all this!😓

Okay so hi! Im totally new to the forums and story writing uhm i really want to create a story and im not the best at coding either lol so im nervous and at the moment all i have done is create a few characters and an outfit for each of course. I don’t know how the character customisation selection works? So i dont know how to exactly start the story so the reader can customize their characters and make sure the family looks somewhat similar. If anyone has any tips on how to start if i’m brand new and can share that would be amazing and i would greatly appreciate it :star_struck: HAHAHAH​:purple_heart:


hey word of advice, write story first add CC when you are ready to publish, because CC firstly is in the way when you write. secondly we get new hair and face features, and so I asume you want the new stuff with when you do publish, and then you have to replace it.

so right now I recomand ignore CC and do the story.

but anyway Dara has tutorials and script for most stuff including CC, I recomand to read it

Dara Amarie’s Guides & Templates ( - Creator’s Corner / Directing Help & Tips - Episode Forums (

there are also plenty of videos on youtube there can help you


Thanks so much for the advice ! okay I’ll finish writing and then add in cc. Dara Amarie, GOT IT!



Dara Amarie also got a website it’s and there you can find everything you need like and much more!

Let me know if you need help :heart:



Hey B.CP,

Before I start a new story I take notes about the characters and titles of every episode, I’d like to see in my story. For the rest → For directing, Joseph Evans has useful Youtube-clips… Dara Amarie is good for templates for CC and clothes-customizing… You also can use the Episode Guides if you need some extra help about other skills. And if you need other help, at the forum there are always other authors which like to help beginning authors. :wink:


thank you i will check it out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i will write to u if i need help!

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Thank you so much! You all are so nice and sweet I really appreciate it <3

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we’ve all been there, don’t stress <3

i really recommend Dara Amarie’s website as she has everything from tips and guides to copy and paste script templates.

I would also recommend you to watch joseph evans videos on youtube, he has a video/videos on beginner directing, as well as story planning guides.

Another thing that i found pretty helpful when I first started writing is just playing around and making random scenes to practice and get familiar with the coding. You can also take notes from things you’ve learned so that you can use it as a guide while you’re writing. You can also do the practice coding while following along to joseph evan’s tutorial!

Hope this helps, and if you ever need any help with coding, don’t hesitate to ask me!


You’re welcome, dear!!! Like @Tamara.Episde said it right: we’ve all been there. :wink: Directing isn’t easy, especially when you start with writing a story. Good luck, hun, with your first story.


YES! it helps, a lot ,OF course! I think writing down the coding to not forget is a brilliant idea thank you all so much for your time and advice!

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Thank you so so much!

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