I'm completely new to Episode and I need help :/

Hiii my name is Skyemarie (Skye). Ok so I really need a writing partner that is great with coding, overlays, etc. I know some people think coding and directing is reallyyy easy, but I’m kinda slow when it comes to coding stuff lmao. I’ve been trying to learn how to code for around 3 years now and there has been NO improvement. I have soooo many ideas I want to come to life and I desperately need help. We could create characters together too, and make this story really come to life.

If interested in helping me DM me on insta - skyee.episode


I’m interested.

I’m bussy at the moment, so I can’t help… but I found that Joseph Evans did a whole series on learning how to code episode stories. It helped me a lot, and it goes from really simple stuff like animations to the harder stuff like overlays and spot directing. Hope his tutorials help!
Here’s the link to the playlist:

Also, if you search on youtube there are pleanty more tutorials to help you out!
If you’re looking for script templates, I found that searching on google brings up quite a few free ones, and loads of talented people on the forums are always here to help! Hope that helps! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

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you can definitely DM me on insta - skyee.episode

I’ll watch these, thank you babes !

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Text me on insta !! @gem.writes1 I’ll help

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