I'm confused about my gender and sexuality

Okay, well I guess I should start from the beginning.

A couple of weeks ago (or a month ago), I created a Zepeto account. I picked my gender as a girl (obviously since I’m a girl) and began to play around with it. It was fun, making new friends and getting to change up my looks from time to time. But, it didn’t feel like me. So, I created a separate Zepeto account, but this time I chose my gender as a boy. When I started playing around with this account, I instantly made friends. I even found it easier to speak my mind and I was more comfortable with being a guy. Hell, even met some amazing people that I grew to love and care about.

However, the more I played as him, the more I realized that I enjoyed being him more than my female account. And after talking to my friends on IG, I’m really starting to question whether or not I’m transgender. But since I’m a girl, shouldn’t I be comfortable as a girl? I was born a girl, but it doesn’t feel like me. Why am I more comfortable as a guy? I just feel very conflicted right now, even lost sleep because of this.

I feel like I need some confirmation, maybe even talk to an adult. But, I’m scared of what my family and friends would think. Should I tell them? Should I just keep it in for myself? And if I am transexual, then wouldn’t have I noticed when I was younger? Am I just being delusional and crazy?

Also, I have a feeling that I might be bisexual? I get attracted to males, but I tend to get a bit attracted to females from time to time. However, I lean towards males more. Does this make me bisexual?

@asha_queen @phlegmatic @SnowyStar @K_ArohaExo-L I’m so sorry that I tricked you guys into thinking that Dank_Stank was an actual person. I’m really sorry. You guys have every right to be mad at me for what I did. I feel super guilty about what I did, you don’t lie to the one’s you care about. I really don’t deserve amazing friends like you guys. And if it makes you guys feel better, I’ll delete Dank’s account and IG.


Hunny, i have been where your at. Hell a ton load of people have. But maybe try, so,ething that feels like you. Girl or boy. I was in a situation, Did I like girls or boys? I learned that just being yourself helps you try to feel a connection wih tha thing. So if your more drawn to the other gender, GIRL BE YOURSELF. If so,ebody doesnt like that, then screw them.nHell, if you cant decide go online. Tons of people have shared eir experience with this sort of thing. Find somebody that can support you and lead you to your destiny. Have you told anybody out of e forums? Coming out of the closet to other people around your invoroment. And girl, Dont worry I call everybody girl. Im a girl.
, but I spend a ton of time with boys and less girls.
Try the pros and cons. Be with the side you feel more connected to.


I don’t really know what to say rn but I’m glad u realized your lying and stuff and that’s more than enough for me… And remember the Z gang is always there for u…:blush: U can talk to me and all of the rest of us on our GC anytime u feel low… And I don’t think the rest of our gang peeps will be mad at u so stop worrying…


I am glad you told me and our gang that you were lying but girl/boy it isn’t your fault you have nothing to be sorry about!!

It’s not your fault that you can’t know for now what your sexuality is do what you feel the most connected to!!

And girl/boy I will never be mad for something that wasn’t even your fault what for bb would I be if I would be mad!!

Know that I am always here for you to the end and also our gang we will never leave you!!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Choose what your connected too!!

Love you bb!!!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

A really long reply I put in here to save space.

I know this thread was probably mainly for your friends, but I’ve been in a similar situation recently. What I’ve realised is everyone is affected differently. I noticed last year, but there are people who realise when they’re in primary school. There are people who realise at 30. Hell, there are even people who realise when they’re in their sixties. You may be trans, and that’s ok. You may not, and that’s fine too. It takes time to figure everything out, but in the end you’ll get it. I’m still questioning myself and this is after about a year of being seen as male online. It’s confusing, and I’m just a teenager, I’m not the best to go to for advice or reassurance, I don’t know what I’m talking about half the time and frankly, I’m a dickhead. But you’ll get through this and you’ll know the answers, eventually.

Think about you know, and you in the future. Up until now doesn’t matter anymore. Who do you see yourself as now and where do you want to be?

Currently, I present 100% male most the time and my friend are kind of thick and haven’t picked up on anything yet. They literally call me ‘Ricky’ half the time, dumb shits :joy:. Looking at photos of myself up until age 6, I only wore pink. Aged 12, I was trying to be a thot… That was a bad time :sweat_smile:. Things change, people change, it’s only natural that people realise at different times. There are millions of environmental factors as to why people realise when they do. Looking back, it was pretty obvious though. When I was 9 I refused to talk to any of the (3) girls in my class, simply because they were girls.

Again, not to be cliché, but you will get through this. It’s gonna be ok. Hakuna matata.

Also, do your research. There are so many identities out there that you might find fit you perfectly. It’s good to experiment, how else are you going to find the answers?


@Okie_D0kie_Y0, it’s okay to be confused <3

you are your own person therefore you are allowed to be what you want to be whenever. it’s okay to not know who that is though. i wasn’t tagged, but you are genuinely a good person. you have an amazing heart. what you identify as will never change that & never should. it will be confusing most likely & thad fine. it won’t be easy coming to terms. but just know you are not alone & hell, maybe you’re crazy. but it doesn’t change the fact that your sexuality will never define you.

i hope everything turns out the way you’d like it to be :kissing_closed_eyes:

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well they’d be the same person. same personality. just a difference in what they’re identify as. sexuality won’t change personality.

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ok wait lowkey a mood

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i personally think they have different personalities because that’s what society expects them to be. boys are expected to be tough, loud, disgusting, etc. girls are supposed to be quiet, weak, play w dolls, etc.

gender roles & such have an impact on kids.

but your opinion of course.

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Ohh that only I thought that why you are doing instead of him because he would also go in here and post the code. So it was you :smile::smile:. By the way if you think that you are more comfortable by a boy then you become there is no need to think that am I or not. You can become a really Tom boy if you are comfortable in that so you just try it for one day and see in what way you are comfortable in Tom boy or straight. Love you @Okie_D0kie_Y0​:heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::slight_smile:

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By the way you tricked me also​:sweat_smile::disappointed::disappointed: but it’s fine @Okie_D0kie_Y0

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I kinda already knew that he wasn’t a real person or he was you lmao. It was just my gut feeling but it’s perfectly okay.

And it’s perfectly fine to be confused about your sexuality. Have you tried talking to your parents about it?

Hey there. I think’s it’s perfectly normal to be confused about your sexuality. To be honest, I have been confused with my sexuality and gender identity for years as well. As for your “Zepeto friend”, I understand why you did that - why you lied about that. I’m not mad at you for doing that.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this. But hey, we’re here to back you up. It will take time for you to figure things out. But, I also recommend that you should open this up to someone you can fully trust - someone who is willing to understand your situation. Thank you for telling us about what you truly feel.

I think you should follow what you truly want for yourself. :blush:


I understand where your coming from at a point in life I felt conflicted about my gender. On episode, I used to have my dating preference as a boy but then it felt so wrong to me after a while then I started having female dating preferences and felt good with myself.

I got really confused about my sexuality and then I started noticing that in school I was drawn to girls than I was to boys. So gather all the courage so I could talk to my cousin. I talked to my cousin (she slapped the side of my face so hard that her fingerprints where on my face) and she told me that it was a phase and I kept on saying it wasn’t and she was like, 'Girl you need to look deep inside yourself and ask do you want to be like James Charles (I’m saying there is anything wrong with am a big fan of him but damn I don’t wanna turn out like him) and am like no.

So after that conversation, I prayed to God and went through the LGBT community on Instagram and I see all those happy Gays, Lesbians, etc and for some reason seeing how they display their love got to me. I felt really happy, so I told myself that I’m a Lesbian.

But hell no did that happiness last long, 'cause my BFF kissed the boy I liked and I got really irritated and upset along with betrayed and so many other feelings. I thought I was a Lesbian and I was wondering why it was hurting me so much. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

There is a point in your life where you feel like you know and understand everything but no you are just being silly and like fucking trying to prove to everyone that you are set for life.

Don’t actually be like me where you let yourself get a painful shot at your heart just because of your conflicted sexuality. Let me be clear its a phase it will pass over in about 6 months and if not that means you really are transexual.

I may not be in the LGBT Community but I support you guys no matter what because love is love. :rainbow_flag::rainbow:Happy Pride Everyone :rainbow: :rainbow_flag:

No, I haven’t. I’m afraid of what they’ll think and say if I do tell them, and I feel like I already know what they’re going to say. Hell, they didn’t even believe that I was depressed. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s better to just keep this to myself.

I’m really sorry about that. You don’t have to forgive me if you don’t want to.

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No it’s not like that I forgive you . I liked you as my best friend. So I am never angry to you​:heart_eyes::kissing_heart::blush:

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Plenty of people get confused about gender/sexuality in their lifetime, I know I’ve been there lol. I may or may not play as a man on another online forum… :sweat_smile: Not to be deceptive or anything, just 'cause. And not because I’m more myself as a guy, more as a maladaptive daydream BUTTTT that’s another story so I digress. (cough)

I can definitely see that your family might not get it, I ain’t gonna pressure you to talk to them, parents can be damn ignorant sometimes tbh. :disappointed: Your friends too, maybe; I know some people have friends and others have good friends, and the good ones are hard to come by. If you have any amazing friends, you could tell them, but not all friends are amazing ones. I know I don’t have amazing friends tbh, never really have.

A therapist can be a great option, if you can afford one or if your insurance covers it, especially if wondering is causing a whole lot of stress.

Being transgender/transexual isn’t a cakewalk, for sure, but for some people, it’s preferable to living with their assigned gender/sex. Sadly, in this society, there will always be pushback, always people who say that a trans man isn’t a “real man,” whatever tf that means. It ends up being a matter of which feels more natural to you: staying as a girl in public and keeping your masculine side hidden, or being a proud trans man despite the people who have trouble accepting it.

It could depend on what made Dank so preferable. Was it the fact that he was someone else, a vacation from being you, so to speak? Was he more confident, outgoing? Or was it specifically the fact that he was masculine? It could be that the enjoyment was more about reinventing yourself, acting as someone with characteristics you admire rather than characteristics you’re used to. For me, when I act as a man, it’s not so much about gender, but about being a person who’s not afraid to speak their mind, is never shy, and has just had different life experiences than I have.

Long, rambling story short, I don’t have all the answers (or any of the answers), but I can say that there’s no one way to express yourself in terms of gender, and that the road to being a trans man is a long, difficult one, where you’ll find ignorant people around every corner. But if being a trans man is what it will take for you to find happiness, then a therapist will be able to help you on your journey to wherever your destination is. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Afaik, in many countries, to qualify for insurance to pay for medical changes to your body, you need to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a therapist, so talking to a therapist can be a good place to start. Not that I’m saying that you need your body changed; only you can answer that.


Playing as Dank made me feel more outgoing, I was able to speak my mind more, and I was able to make friends easily. Idk why, but playing as Dank felt right, like he was more of me than Okie ever was. I love both Dank and Okie, but Dank is more preferable to me than Okie is. Playing as Okie was fun for a bit, but then it started to feel like it wasn’t me.

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Hmmmm. :thinking: It’s kinda similar for me, playing as a guy is a way to break free from myself briefly, from the habits I’ve always had. But it’s more of the confidence, the attitude, the overall difference that makes it appealing, rather than the fact that people call me ‘he.’

Idk how to separate Dank’s confidence from his masculinity, (idek how to deal with my own stuff lmao) or whether it’s possible to give Okie more of Dank’s positive characteristics without becoming male. All I know is that it’s easier to make a new identity than to change your current one, and that “be yourself” is easier said than done, but at the end of the day, you are you, no escaping that, so you’ve gotta find where “you” is. :thinking:

I’m not necessarily saying that you shouldn’t take the journey to being a trans man, just that it’s a life-altering change to a problem that might have another root.

But, again, I’m just some stranger on the internet who knows a thing or two (but maybe not three things, that’s a lot of things). It can be tough to solve your brain’s issues just using your brain, since it’s the one with the issues. If you have the option, a therapist would be a lot better help than someone on the internet with a strange emoji as a profile pic. :sweat_smile: