? Im confused ? (I neep help) ;-;

I have episode on my kindle fire. I dont understand why my start looks different than all the other youtubers. It starts off with i can pick Campus Crush or Real hollywood. I cant get gems, and my stories dont have any gems in it. (Like i want gems lol) When i want to preview my story (Its in limelight) It doesnt show up. I realised that all my stories (new one every 3 days) Its classic. The logo on the app seems different than the one that i see now. Is it a old app just for Kindle Fires?

Hi! Your Kindle Fire might be old and needs to be updated in order to support Episode. Perhaps the app should be updated or maybe the device itself is just too outdated. I don’t know much about Kindle or when it came out, but I know that older devices don’t usually support the newer apps. Hope this helps!

its new i got it about 2 weeks ago

I think then that it’s because Kindle uses the Amazon store to get Episode and that version isn’t updated like Google Play and Apple’s App Store on mobile devices. I might be incorrect, but I think that’s it.

That’s Amazon’s

This is Google Play

You’ll probably need to get it on another device that doesn’t use Amazon.

Oh okay

But i dont really mind it so idk.

Alrighty then! Thanks for reaching out!

Hi! @christinadawnstories is right! Your device doesn’t support the latest version of Episode. Happy to hear you don’t mind too much though :slight_smile: Closing thread :v:t2: