I'm crying and shaking and throwing up because of episode zoom

Hi guys,

So basically I have these characters named Holly, Jia, Tega and Sierra. Holly and Jia are talking in zone 2 and Sierra and Tega are talking in zone 4. I want the direction sequence to go like this.

We’re in zone 1
It zooms on Holly and Jia (in 0)
The narrator says “Holly and Jia”
Then after the player taps, it zooms on Tega and Sierra
The narrator says “Tega and Sierra”
It cuts to zone 1 and zoom resets

now when i use the following donacode:

@JIAspot .9 100 120 in zone 2 AND JIAfaces right
@HOLLY spot .9 160 120 in zone 2
@SIERRA spot .9 40 120 in zone 4 AND SIERRA faces right
@TEGA spot .9 100 120 in zone 4

@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 130 300 to 300% in 0
Holly and Jia.
@cut to zone 4
@zoom on 70 300 to 300% in 0
Sierra and Tega.
@pause for 2
@cut to zone 1 AND zoom reset

it doesn’t work.
Instead it zooms on an empty space in zone 1
The narrator says “Holly and Jia”
After the player taps, it zooms on Holly
The narrator says “Sierra and Tega”
Then it cuts to zone 1 and zoom resets

Please what can I do???
Thanks and remember to stream montero by lil nas x for clear skin

The issue is because you aren’t zoomed into the correct coordinates. Each zone has different x coordinates (the x coordinate is the first number in the zoom code: zoom on x y to %)

zone 1 is 0-320
zone 2 is 320-640
zone 3 is 640-960
zone 4 is 960+

These are your zooms:

You cut to zone 2 but zoomed into a spot in zone 1, the same when you cut to zone 4. You need to adjust your zooms.


omg okay thank you so much i’ll try that

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