Im curious about this

Guys is it true that episode pays writer?


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Read these for better understanding!

Is it through reads ? Or gems?

I’m 17 about to turn. 18 omg :sob: can I still receive payment?

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U have to have a certain amount of both to unlock it but idk how u get paid

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You have to be 18+ with either 500k reads in 2 months or 100k reads and 50k gems in 2 months.

It’s extremely hard to ever qualify unfortunately. I imagine most authors on the app don’t qualify.


Just mind my words @Rubae_Epi is right. Most authors on this app don’t qualify. I write since 2018 and still don’t get paid. But I don’t mind, because I love writing. I don’t write for the amount of readers, but for fun. But yes it’s hard to reach the qualifications for getting paid.


Unfortunately, no.
Ohh know how you feel I’m 17 too but will be 18 this year. :pleading_face:

I absolutely hate this rule! And it also appeared when people joined the contest for Episode xoxo

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