Im curious what do you think?

Which stories would you like to see more? Mafia stories with a badass female lead having the male Li say “that’s my girl” and see her defending herself or A basketball player and a baseball player (both females falling in love or maybe a nerd (female) and a jock (female) falling in love or combined it! Share your opinions! @Sydney_H feel free to move if this is the wrong place


The first one, idk I like all of them.

The first one will be really interesting!

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I tend to avoid mafia stories and “badass” leads, specifically because those leads tend to be uncaring / rude and then do a complete one-eighty when the love interest shows up. So I like the second option more.

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i would read the 2nd option, there’s too much mafia xD i dont like it that much


I’d prefer the second option. Not that I don’t like a badass lead but I personally think the Mafia trope is heavily overused and a story with Mafia would need a unique plot to stand out.

I’ll go with this. I am tired of seeing mafia stories. Not really my taste, Try focusing on new ideas and not overused ones. Get inspired by movies, tv shows, etc. Stores about sports, careers (not mafia), disabilities, sexualities/identities, etc. anything that is new and not overused. Authors need to start thinking outside the box.

Bingo. :100: :point_up:

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Both players falling in love, since mafia as ppl say it’s overused. Though would they be rivals? Are they going to be in the same team?

I know they can be uncaring and boring but i’m changing it to where the female doesn’t need a male or anyone to defend herself she can be a little heartless and cold-hearted at times but he changes her for the better but doesn’t throw himself on her he waits for her to be ready to be in a relationship

Mafia is overused but imma still put it in my story and have the girls who fall in love with each other be in separate sports but involved in and out of mafia stuff or not at all

I am thinking outside of the box adding mafia stuff and different ideas

Well that’s why my name is fabulous moon :smiling_face: :upside_down_face: I’m unique in a different way!

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Even if the story switches and the plot goes back and fourth?

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U don’t always have to add mafia, that’s why it’s overused, there can different organizations besides the mafia. But it’s your choice, so I’m not stopping you. It’s your story, feel free to do whatever you want.

What i’m asking is have you guys ever seen mafia stories combined with sports and a little bit of LGBTQ I’m working on my story right now as u can tell there’s a few spot directing errors and stuff going on with overlays and stuff

No, not really. And people really don’t like to see so much mafia being included in so many different ideas. Like sports and LGBTQ. U can have those two together without mafia in it. It brings more attention and ideas.

That’s why I asked for yalls opinions because I needed ideas plus the basketball player and baseball player can be a future story and yes it is my choice and I hope you will read and enjoy but all episodes are locked until then

I get it but mafia for some reason in my head keeps playing and my dreams also involve it but damsels in distress is also overused as well I hope you will still read it though

If u want to include it go ahead. lol :woman_shrugging:t4:

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!