I'm desperate for a art cover!

Hey, I want a art cover and I was wondering if anyone can make one for free? I don’t usually use art shops but if that’s what I have to do, then that’s fine. I really always wanted one and If anyone can make one I would be so grateful! Tysm!

I am not doing art covers( dont have time. ) but I can make an edited one for you

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I like the last example the best! Can you maybe do one like that?

Yeah I can easy do that. if you send the details and pictures

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How many covers can I request?..

Ok, I will do that

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Can you do, a cover, and a warning cover.

Yes I can do that

OK great! Ill send you details for the *cover but I am not sure how I want them to pose. It is about a girl, (you), who ends up being diagnosed with cancer. I want her sad, like crying or something, in the rain on a road near the hospital. Have any ideas?

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If you still need one.
Here are a couple examples.

Hey, there pretty good! Do you have a specific time how long it takes for them to finish?

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When you are diagnosed with cancer, the doctors explain you have a high chance of dying. What happens when you overhear a conversation saying that is what they want.

that is the description if you are wondering real quick.

Well just answer these questions and I can tell you:
What style?
How many characters?
When does it need to be finished?

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The style is in limelight, if that’s what you are asking…:sweat_smile:


I want three characters in this cover, two girls, one boy. I will send you their details in a moment.


I don’t need it right away, but if you can finish soon that would be amazing! But take your time, I don’t want to rush you.

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Okay yeah maybe about a week tops but just make sure you arnt requesting the same thing from people.

Im not.

If cocoa makes i it wont spend time on it. and dont worry I dont have any hard feelings about her doing

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No, no I still want one! Maybe a warning background?

Yeah I was just makeing sure she didnt request from you fully already but if you want to do it go ahead.

Yeah I can still make the warning if you want