I'm desperate for a cover!


could i have a cover made please? I would really appreciate it.

Character 1 (female)
Name: Mia
HAIR: Beach wave (Black)
Face: soft heart
Eyebrows : Seductive Arch
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Taupe)
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full round (cherry red)
Body: Olive
Clothes : Light Teal Beach Day Romper & Calf Boots White & Black Biker Jacket
Emotion: I want her arms crossed.

Character 2 (Male)
Name; Sinister
HAIR: Modern Pompadour (Black)
Face: stubble
Eyebrows : Narrow
Eyes: Sarcastic (Taupe)
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Taupe)
Body: Olive
Clothes : Basic sneakers (Cabernet)& Ripped punk pants & Cool leather Jacket & Lady rose tattoo (Cade) & Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey White
Emotion: I want his arms crossed.

Here’s the summary so you can have a idea.

Mia is a psychologist for criminals. But what happens when she is faced with Sinister McCann, America’s most wanted criminal. Can she change him or will he change her?

I kind of want of want a cool background with Mia and Sinister back to back


I could do it. If you want. I can send my examples.


I can try

I just started art a week ago and still learning


Hi… Ummmm… Since we both want to do this… I was wondering if we could work together… :rose:


Here are my examples


That’s up to the person who needs the cover. And if they need just one or two and what not.


OMG your covers are so pretty thanks.


No problem. I will have it done by Monday at the latest… do you need small or large Or both?


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Can you make it 420x580


Yes that’s a small. I got ya…


For the background any specific kind in mind other then cool? Lol


Oh i forgot to add the tittle of the story :joy: It’s “Psycho”


Thanks. Haha… I would have asked when I needed it. Lol :joy:


Either that background, but if you have another idea in mind show me and we can figure out what to do from there.


That one is good… I was thinking maybe like an office. Since she would have met him in an office or maybe a jail background since he is a big criminal


Yeah that’s an amazing idea. Why didn’t I think of that?:joy::heart_eyes::blush:


Your welcome

What’s the details


Sometimes a outside point of view is best… lol…


You want to make the characters and send them to me in the poses? And I’ll add them to the cover? Like are you good with contouring?