I'm desperate for help/advice on how to get my story read!


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Yeah, remember to write for passion, you need to have fun when you write and not worry over the numbers. Just keep on writing <3

That’s all I can say really:




You are like the nicest and most supporting person om the forums, so the same really goes for you! Preach :raised_hands:t5:

And to the threadmaker again: Remeber to have fun! The reads will soon catch up to you, I promise. Everything doesn’t happen over night, but if you keep writing and improving your story people will soon understand how underated and great your story is! :heartpulse:


What’s your story? Can share the title and link :slight_smile:


You’ll find the link above : )


I published in September but until now its still 200s… so its ok. some takes time but all that matters is that you dont give up. Even better is because I entered for a contest. Bum didnt win lol but its ok. Another thing is maybe you can try enter contests.


You have to keep promoting your story and it may not seem like it but every time you promote yourself it increases the chances of you getting noticed or your story out there to the general public for others to read. When I first started off I barely had any reads but I kept asking others to review my story, I did read for reads, shared my story on various social media platforms and eventually, my story started getting some recognition. I also created an IGTV page where I shared clips or spoilers to the story on Instagram. You may not think about to promote your story on social media platforms doesn’t help but it does since its a main took for promoting things and communicating nowadays. So keep asking others to review your story promote your story on here do more read for reads, share and promote your story on Instagram as well. It may take time but eventually, you will see the type of change you have been wanted to see when it comes to getting your story noticed.


I published in September too. I don’t even have a 100 yet. I’m not even sure when they have contests or if I could write a story for one. It would have to be something that appeals to me.


I’d just like to say, Thank you all for your kind words and advice! You all have been very helpful and I’m hoping to try some of the things that were suggested. I am really glad for the forum. Thank you all for your encouragement and support! It’s very appreciated!


I will read your story girl, don’t worry I won’t ghost you from the reads! Just tell me you want to do r4r here or instagram?
Author Jojo
Genre mystery
Style ink
Instagram @fongjoline
Description Already struggling with her past, Rose falls into some more drama romance, mystery, what adventure and heartbreak will she face next?


I believe we already did a read 4 read. I remember your story. Thank you for the offer though.


You also have done with me R4R( you remember me right? Story from the black prince). but if you want do R4R with me I’m okay with it… I follow your story until the end.:slight_smile: I’m honest.


I feel the same way! That’s why I always ask for screenshot, if you want we can do r4r (on instagram @/annat.stories or just pm me here :smile:)


I would be happy to do a r4r with you. You are doing all you have needed to do to get the reads, remember your quality as a writer is far more important. It is understandable though as I place substance over reads but there are moments where it sucks to not see the read count increase for a while lol


Yes of course. Thank you.


Yes, I would like to do a read 4 read with you. I’m on IG: demon.buttercup_writes I will find you there for your story info.


Yes, I will do a read for read with you. Are you on Instagram? I’m on there demon.buttercup_writes It’s easier to do on there but I can do it here to if you’d like. Just let me know.


That’s not a problem, we can still continue the r4r if you want? Let me know :blush:


Okay but I still only have four episodes. I have 5 & 6 done but I’m still waiting on background approvals. I feel like a broken record saying that. LOL
I could message you when they are published if you want?


No problem, let me know when it’s out, dm me on instagram :slight_smile:


Sure I have an insta and I followed you back :heart::heart: I’ll get going on your story