I'm doing cover art!


I am still making covers. PM me whenever you want because I’ll be available!


How’s this?
Again, if something is wrong, I’ll be happy to do it again!:smiley:


That’s perfect, thank you again… Under what name would you like me to credit you my lovely?
(Also I have a couple of other stories I was wondering if you would be willing to do cover art for? again no urgent hurry as I’m still working on them and I know you are very busy) :smiley:


I’ll be happy to do them when you’re ready! I’m SO happy you like it.:sparkling_heart::heart:


I honestly love them, they’re perfect. Ah that’s great, is it okay if I send you the info tomorrow once I’ve had a chance to get all the charatcter details and my ideas all planned out and then if you can just do them for me whenever you get the chance?


That’s perfect. I’m definitely free tomorrow, so tell me when you need them. Give me the information whenever you want. I’ll be happy to do them. I just followed you on the Episode App and I can’t wait to read all your stories!:heart::heart:


That’s great! thanks, yeah I just got the notification and followed you back haha. Aww that’s sweet of you. Do you want me to credit you as Turtle_Cat or do you have an instagram or something that you would prefer to be credited under?


Turtle Cat is. There’s no underscore needed. I don’t have and Instagram :sweat_smile:


Okay perfect I’ll pop that in there now :slight_smile: And I’ll be in touch tomorrow. Have a lovely night and thank you again :slight_smile:


You too! And it was my pleasure.


Hello again, like I mentioned I have a few stories I am working on that I would love for you to do the cover art for as long as you are happy to, I have a bit of an overactive imagination which tends to lead me to working on more than one story at a time haha. So that it doesn’t get all confusing with the art work I will just send you the details for one at a time if that’s okay. Like I said there’s no rush on the art work, these stories aren’t published yet, But they definitely will be and having the art work on them for release will be great :smiley:

Before I give you the details on the first one, I was wondering when doing the background on the covers an you do it using a picture of a background I’ve used in the story? If not that’s no problem at all I was just curious :slight_smile:


I’m going to pm you, is that okay?


Of Course