I'm doing episode edits. Does anyone want to give me a request?

Hey guys, I made a couple episode edits. And I think they’re really fun! If you guys want to give me an idea of what to do next. I’d really love that! (I just like to indulge in people’s ideas)


Can I?

go ahead.

Btw I love your profile.

thank you

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Can I make a recomandation?

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Sorry if this will come off as annoying, but may I please get a cover?:sweat_smile:

Sure. @Mystery.episode

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Thank you. I’ll message you the details

Hey are you still taking requests? :sweat_smile:


Oh great.

Can you do an edit of this character:

What do you want edited? Makeup? Hair? clothes? ect.

oh sorry. :sweat_smile:

I’d like makeup (highlighter,contour and blush)
And I’d like if you could do the hair like in the last picture.

Backround doesn’t matter.

Soooo, you want to keep the hair the same?

I’d like the bun like in the last picture of your edits.

Okay! I’m about to work on it, do you want the outfit the same?

Yes. I honestly don’t know what to do whit is anyway
Thank you!

Okay, It’ll be done soon.