I'm doing episode edits. Does anyone want to give me a request?




Here you go! Hope you like it.


Can u teach me or give tips


I love it! :heart_eyes:


Sure, but I’m not very good.:joy:


I use two apps, Ibis paint, and Medibang paint pro. Ibis is on my phone, I use it for makeup, eye edits, simple touch ups. And I use Medibang (on my computer) For hair, clothes, and to remove the background, and add a new background.


I made this yesterday, and I just wanted to share it. I would love honest feedback.


How did you put the clothes on her ?


Hard to explain, but I’ll try. So this is the original photo.


I outlined her scarf, then colored it in with png (On my computer Medibang paint pro.) Then I saved, and then opened the same picture as a layer. I went to the first layer, and then opened a saved photo of a sweater pattern. (If this is hard to understand, would you it if I made a YouTube video of it?)

  • Make a YouTube video to explain
  • Make a Instagram video
  • Don’t make anything

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@Sydney_H can you close this please?



Topic closed by OP request. :smile: