I'm doing free edits and Pfp! (OPEN)

Hi there everyone! If you are in need of an edit, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll make it for you!


If you would like to request something else from other amazing artists, check out Aesthetic Art Shop !


Hi! do you make ink characters too? or just limelight

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I do INK aswell!

Do you make splashes, too??

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I can try!

Hey Cia_forever,

Thank you soo much… Because I’m a little sick of those ‘normal’ background warnings… :woman_facepalming:t2:
One for the text ‘This story contains sounds and music’ and one for the text ‘This story contains mature themes and strong languages’…
Let me know if you need something else…
My IG is: @angelwings_1983

Love A-W

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I can definitely do that! I just want to know a background you have in mind and if you want a character on it!


Can you use:

And as characters my authors character AW and her virtual BF Devil D. :wink:


In beach outfits (of course)…

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Ofcourse! And beach for the both splashes?

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If so, I’ll have it done by tomorrow!

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Yes… for both splashes…
And thank you sooo much…
And of course I will give you credits for it… :wink:

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Great! And No problem what so ever! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:

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Can you do me a art scene

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Welcome to the Community! I can do edited art scenes, not drawn art scenes.

I just wanted to say that those look beautiful! :heart_eyes: Amazing work!!!

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Aww! Thanks! :two_hearts:

Here you are! Hope you like them! You can credit me as epi.cia. If you want me to change it I will!


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Thank you soo much!! They are beautiful!!! :heart:

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I’m glad you like them! :two_hearts:

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Hey! i love yur edits i was wondering if could you do me one…