I'm Done Writing 🍵


I just logged back into the portal to try to finish this 3 chapter mess and EW :tea:
I am literally so bad
I thought I was gonna 100% take over this app with my craft but no :joy:
I’ve been working on this for 19 days and it still looks terrible :skull::skull:

This was a fun half month of being deeply invested into something like I do every half month

Goodbye forever losers

Spencer Luna Spenser, April 2019

Anyway, if you don’t ask a question in ur topic it usually gets deleted or closed

So I guess the question is…
Do you ever look at something you were working on and just… laugh?


Yes. Because I write comedy lol.


That made me laugh and I don’t even think it was supposed to be funny.

You’re a natural! :wink:


Thank you. One day I’m sure you will be a natural at whatever genre you want to write in too, so I hope you don’t give up


ok @Syd u can close this i changed my mind someone famous noticed me

this is even better than that time chester lockhart liked my picture on instagram




big mood.


Yes. When I work on a drawing for a long time, I end up throwing it because I just get sick of it and the more I work on it, the more I see little tiny mistakes.


Your name is Spencer?

Whoa :open_mouth:


I mean, it’s one of my many aliases used to disguise myself both on the Internet and in real life :grin::joy:


I honestly love you
That’s all I wanted to say, Goodnight.


All authors go through a period of hating their work! Your first draft is supposed to be bad :wink:

But here’s some help for when you hate your work! Hopefully, it will help you get back on the horse


I’ve been trying to get into writing, and yeah, I make myself laugh sometimes. Keep trying, don’t give up! :smile:


Oh totes. Like, especially OLDER stuff. Eeeeeee >.> We won’t talk about it, okay? LOL


You are awesome.

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Dudeeee same. We’re currently dying. Don’t worry about the amount of time. Hahahaha

To properly answer your question- yes, we have. Loads of laughing followed by wheezing and burying our script where the sun doesn’t shine. In fact, we were initially working on the script of our first story (unpublished) since late november but it got revamped like 5 times and we’re still working on it! (That’s what I tell myself at least.) And we also have a love-hate relationship with Between Worlds, our only published story. People take time to write and work on their stories. Twilight took 3 months, The philosopher stone took 7 years. Just don’t give up, friend. :relaxed:


… wtf?!

Twlight took 3 months?!
That means I have 71 days to complete this before I really quit :joy:

God… I just looked up books written in insanely small periods of time and apparently The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas was written within 3 days :crazy_face:


Hahahah yup!

Don’t hold your own standards to twilight, bro. Unless your story is all about questionable romance between a thirsty vampire that preys on a basic girl. :thinking: The Boy in Striped PJs is great. We had to do that for Lit class and lots of tears were shed. :cry: Don’t quit! If you need any help / need to rant about your story, approach us lmao. We’re busy procrastinating writing. :smirk:


The only book I ever remember crying for was The Fault in Our Stars and I don’t even remember if it was good. I do, however, remember that John Greene really got a teenagers’ voice down. Maybe that was why. :joy:

While I hate vampires just as a concept at all, I really have respect for Stephanie Myers. I don’t know why. :joy: I met her once and she was really nice.

Honestly, I literally quit everything. I am never completely satisfied with anything I do, which is why I never finish anything I start- which is why I’ll never be a real author.

When I was younger, every teacher I’ve ever had would tell me how great at English and writing I am- which I was (and currently am) not. I went to private schools my whole life, so they were paid to really pump me up with false encouragement. This really gave me a huge ego (which I still have) about my “natural talent,” so my writing hasn’t really improved since the 6th grade.

Furthermore, I’m convinced I stunted my brain growth or something for 2 years in high school when I was anorexic and then the other 2 where I gained 60 pounds because I became an binge eater and this current year of relapsing after dropping out of college with all the fit, trim people.

Even furthermore, I had this mentality for a lot of years where I thought that just because someone was suffering, it made them a genius. Seriously. I thought for the longest time that my depression meant something. That it was going to make me a better writer… somehow :joy: This is why I don’t try to think so much :joy:

So yeah, I’m probably gonna honestly quit this and come back in two years and look at it and laugh and start a new story.

But, I guess, at least I always come back.


Hahahahaha I remember feeling quite ehhhh after reading it. Maybe because everyone had hyped it to be the world’s greatest tearjerker.

Aww. That’s cute. :smile:

What a mood. Honestly, I feel the exact same way. I have been writing for years, but I never finished any of my stories. (Except for one, when I was 13.) I understand the feeling of utterly loathing your work and wanting to give up. It sucks. Especially when you start comparing yourself to others- your characters, world building and writing style, basically everything starts to pale in comparison.

However, you are the only one that can write your own story. No one can replicate your characters and your plot. If you won’t bring them to life, no one can. I can already tell from your paragraphs that you write really well. So your english teachers aren’t wrong in this aspect. If you really feel that you want to quit, by all means, but keep me informed when you post your new story.

We’ll definitely want to read it. :blush:

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