Im drawing YOUR episode characters!


hey nyall, i have a bit too much time on my hands. friends are out doing things and my parents are being overbearing, so if y’all want me to draw your episode characters, just post a pic of them.
here’s some of my traditional art (i won’t be doing digital with this, but i do that too. dm me to see my website for it)

**if you’d like this story to be put on your story or any social media, please ASK!!!

I will do sketches and colours of busts.
I will do sketches and colourful of entire body characters.
I will only do sketches of two or more characters.

Please specify if you want a bust, entire body, coloured, sketches, etc.
Feel free to DM me for more information or more art. I am always up for an art trade!


DUDE, this is so good :sob::sob:


thanks man, i don’t usually post my traditional art so this is a very big step for me :wink:


These look so good! Do you happen to have a tumblr?

#5 i rarely update though


here’s a self portrait of myself with my severely outdated bitmoji as a reference.
pink hairs accurate, though. (although then it was merely a dream.)

art requests are still open!


Could you possibly draw my bean, Scarlett?
A coloured bust would be great, if it’s not too much of a bother.


Would love if you could do my episode avatar —
[Your drawings are literally so good, you’re so talented !! ]
Could you please colour the whole thing in, if it’s not too much trouble?

My avatar —


I don’t have anything for you to draw, but I just wanted to say that this is amazing! Keep up the awesome work!


your drawings are amazing !!


So you decided to stay on the forums aye? :heavy_heart_exclamation:


@software Love your drawings hun! They’re A-MA-ZING!!


Hey dude. I would love if you did a drawing of Joan from my story Back To The Beanawitzels and we would love to post this on our Instagram if you don’t mind. I think your a really good artist and would love to give you credit. I would love if you did a full body drawing. Thanks and I totally understand your story about friends and overbearing parents. I can relate to much! Thanks again dude!:slight_smile:


Wait, is that Max from Camp Camp or am I just seeing things?


yes that’s max from camp camp lmao. it’s part of a jaspvid au my gf and i made


hi, i hope this is ok. i don’t have the nessecary colours but i am making a trip to micheals sometime in the next two weeks if you’d like a redo


sorry the colours are completely off, the room i was doing it in had a very different lighting than where i am right now. illI do a redo if you’d like


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Besides your Tumblr, so you have any other social media? (also, could you draw my character if you are still taking “requests?”)


Thank you so much! This is adorable.