Im drawing YOUR episode characters!


nope, i dont use social media at the point, but if youd like to contact me i do have several means. im still taking requests, just post a photo.


thank you, im glad you like it


Aww, thats too bad, but at least I can see it on here. anyway, I’ll send a picture in a minute


Aw, my precious little satan~ (I ship Danvid, but anything with a Dadvid is fine for me, lol)

Could you draw them waving together at the “camera”?
Bust and colored, if you don’t mind!
Also, they’re supposed to be 10 years old, so I’d be thankful if you could draw them flat, because of course Episode isn’t going to do that soon.


here’s my proper tumblr, i gave u the wrong link:

the art there is generally old, though. havent had access to my ipad for a while either


Here’s my sorta Episode “persona” if you will. I’d like a colored full body please, (if thats not too much to ask)


Thank you so much for doing this :sparkling_heart:
[you are super talented, I love it !! ]


hey y’all
im sorry, im shutting this down bc i got put on hold and since then it’s really accumulated. ill still be doing requests as long as y’all send me a dm but it won’t be a priority and i got my own art threat. thank y’all for the support :sparkling_heart: