I'm getting a warning label saying that "goto_cc" doesn't exist. Is there any way to fix this?



You have to add in:

label done_cc

Put this at the very end of the character creation so that it skips to the end of the character creation when it’s done. Apologies if that’s confusing-- you can also check out a few character creation templates here on Episode Life-- there are both Ink and Limelight templates available for guys and girls:

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i add in label done_cc with the goto_cc?


No it comes after-- like in a different section.

For example, you have one section with the main menu: “Who do you want to customize?”

Then you have different sections for each character’s customization-- and within those, sections for hair, eyes, skintone, etc.

This label done_cc would come at the very end, after all characters’ customization sections. It’s the final thing before the end of that whole customization section before you continue on with your story. If you put in the label with the goto, you’d get stuck in a loop that you wouldn’t be able to get out of

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that kinda makes sense, but i added it to the end of the customization and it still gives me a warning


An example layout for you :slight_smile: :

label choose_character

Pick character to customize

choice “Char1” {

goto create_char1

} "Char2 {

goto create_char2

} “Done Customizing” {

goto done_cc


label create_char1

All Char1 customizations here

Done customizing Char1?

choice “Yes” {

goto choose_character (this will take you to the top of the choice menu for which character to customize)

} “No” {

goto create_char1 (this will take you to the top of Char1’s customization menu)


label create_char2

All Char2 customizations here

Done customizing Char2?

choice “Yes” {

goto choose_character (this will take you to the top of the choice menu for which character to customize)

} “No” {

goto create_char2 (this will take you to the top of Char2’s customization menu)


label done_cc

You have completed customizing all characters

Continue story here

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Could you send a new screenshot of your code?

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I fixed it, thank you for the help!

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Awesome!! So glad I could help you :smiley:

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sorry to pest you, but can you tell me how to get the characters to disappear off off the screen after they are done with customization?


No problem! You can do it 3 ways:

  1. @remove CHARACTER (character will immediately disappear)

  2. @CHARACTER exits left/right (character exits but if you have them sized differently, they may either grow bigger or smaller as they leave

  3. (my preferred method) Use some spot directing and use something like this:
    @CHARACTER walks to spot [insert spot placement] in zone [zone number] in [number of beats]
    Make sure this spot is offscreen-- you can do this by working with the previewer and dragging the character around the screen until he/she is not appearing

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Thank you. You are a life saver. Is there any way you could be my guide? It’s cool if not though.


Here’s a nice guide on how to do spot directing!

And sure!! I have no problem helping out :smiley: I’ll do the best I can :slight_smile: Feel free to message me, or find me on Instagram if you’re on there. My username is lurhu on there as well

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thank you so much😊

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