I'm getting an error that doesn't make sense

So, I don’t know what happened here. Can someone explain this? Please. The error’s not making any sense to me, it’s saying I can’t end my script with a label, and the error is on a line where I start a new scene…? And the script isn’t ending here. It’s ending with a }, because I was using if and elif (else wasn’t working, so I changed it to elif, and the error with else went away)


Maybe try putting a line of dialog or something at the end? Also, this belongs in directing help and tips.

Oh, I’m sorry… And okay, i’ll try that

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I changed the category now

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It’s fine. I understand getting lost.

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Okay, I’m confused now. I did add something (anything just to see if it helped) and now this popped up:

omg I’m so stupid I didn’t notice that I added a dot after the } lol I’m sorry

Get the problem fixed? :slight_smile:

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Well, everything seems to be working now… I’m checking in the preview if the gains work right.