I'm getting an error with goto and I'm not sure why


So, me again with a probably easily solvable problem. but okay, so I have my script set up like
if girl{
goto girl
} else {
goto boy}
label girl
hi yes girl here
label boy
hi yes boy here

BUT i’ve run into the realization that the script just keeps reading down from girl into boy. so I looked in the guide and it seems the simple solution is to go to another point, right? so then i have
if girl {
goto girl
} else {
goto boy
label girl
hi girl
goto end
label boy
hi boy
goto end
label end

my problem is that it keeps telling me Unexpected goto: (u"end", false) what does that mean? what do i have to fix here? here are screenshots of the script where it takes place.


Hm I’m not sure lmao since I’m usually terrible with this stuff, but try adding dialogue after if you’re just trying to save it. So after label end just put

Lmao I’m not sure.


Can you post a screenshot of your script with the error?


I have, I hope it’s helpful.


You can’t have a goto or a label immediately after a background change. Put the background after the label.


I don’t think you can end off with a scene.


ohhhhhhh ok cool thanks ^^;;;


rip me, chopped liver ;( ;p


not chopped liver! at least chopped steak; steak is the best
but thank you for your help too!! it really does mean a lot to me that I get help ^^;;;;;;;;;;