Im getting really frustrating me!

So I have the eye lid blink overlays in my script but there’s four and i dont know to make the two extra ones disappear and its really pissing me off. Can someone pls help me? Here’s a photo of the code I’m using:


I’m not sure if I understood that right… You actually want two eye lid overlays in the end, don’t you? If so, did you use five different overlays on purpose? (I’m just wondering because of these overlays called Bottom Lid, Top Lid, Top Eyelid, Upper Eyelid and Lower Eyelid…?)

Edit: Btw, I don’t think the ‘create’ command is necessary if you write ‘with [Overlayname]’ next to the bg

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This is most likely the cause of the extra overlays. Using both “with” and the create commands create multiple of the same overlay

My apologies for not replying previously…I actually have the same scene too, and here’s how I’ve written it:
Ignore the overlay TRANSPARENCY. I didn’t like the little space my eye lids had in between

Could I use yours as a template? i’ll credit you


what’s the transparency overlay?

Oh I said to ignore that—that something of mine that I added


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Nothing is working at all I cant seem to make it work. I’ve tried YouTube video’s nothing, i tried your script nothing. I am getting really mad to the point where I wanna smash my computer. Idk if I need like an actual freaking template or what I’m doing wrong :weary: :triumph:

contact @/Dara.Amarie - She may be able to assist you

Here is a template. Just remember to credit this user if it works

nope doesn’t work…

I did she hasn’t responded

Did the guide that @bakedpotato provided help?

I haven’t received any mentions or PM’s from you asking for help with this matter.

Can you please be more specific as to what isn’t working for you?

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Did you use everything they provided like the overlays and script? :face_with_monocle:

I sent you two emails. my issue is that i cant seem to get these overlays to work I’ve watched YouTube video’s, 3 people have given me templates to use nothing the overlays keep resetting.

and yes i did

I don’t check my emails, it’s better to contact me directly here.

Please be very specific. What isn’t working?